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Dear Friends,

Living authentically involves knowing what you want and being true to yourself at all times. It takes courage to live your life fully and not be influenced by the demands and wishes of others or fears of the future.


Living Authentically


Too often in life we go along with what others want to keep the peace, to please others or meet their expectations because we want to be loved and accepted. Many people do not live their truth because they are afraid that if they don’t do as others want or expect, they won’t be loved.


For example, how do you think your family or friends would react to your leaving your job to follow some creative pursuit that you always wanted to do? What would they say if you decided to sell all your stuff to go traveling for a few years? Most would be surprised, critical or even appalled. Few would be supportive. They may have difficulty supporting you because they don’t have the courage to fulfill their own dreams and find it easier to say you are crazy. Your unconventional choices may make them feel uncomfortable. While it may be true that not everyone will agree with your decisions, that should not stop you.


Living authentically means being honest with yourself all the times because it is impossible to be authentic if you aren’t. This requires knowing your true feelings, knowing what you want and having the courage to follow your dreams without fear. Honesty requires being aware of your intentions at all times as those color your actions and impact your relationships.


Living authentically means examining your values and feelings and deciding what is really important to you. It means putting yourself and your needs first. This does not mean you just shuck all your responsibilities, it is understanding that your first responsibility is to yourself. It is living in the now rather than always believing your desires can only be fulfilled sometime in the future when the kids are grown, when you can retire or have more money.


We can’t fulfill our purpose in life or live out our passions unless we are willing to give them a voice or place in our lives.  Why should you think of your dreams being any more crazy or unrealistic than anyone else’s? Your dreams are obtainable right now if you focus your energy on fulfilling them instead of making excuses why they can’t be realized.


Living authentically means taking care of and honoring what your body needs and wants. It means knowing when you need time alone, rest or social activities. It means honoring your needs and wants rather than doing what is expected of you. It requires saying “no” to the demands of others and allowing yourself to say “yes” to things you really desire. It is living and speaking your truth and doing only what you love at all times. It is having only people who love and support you around you.


It is developing and living by your own values rather than what you have been taught by others. It is living with your heart and mind being open to what shows up in your life as long as it comes from a place of love. It is believing the world is your oyster and that you can accomplish whatever you desire if you set your mind to it.


When you have the courage to live your life fully, it is easier to accept how others live their lives rather than judging them. It means having compassion for those who do things differently. How can you live your truth and be unable to accept others living theirs?


Being authentic is living in the present moment, with no regrets, guilt or worries about the future because the present moment is all that matters and is the only place where you can create anything new. This may sound difficult to accomplish but if you only focus on the present and stop worrying about tomorrow, you will realize that everything that matters is happening right now. The key to success is how you chose to respond to life.


An authentic life is one filled with faith, purpose, passion and believing your dreams are never out of reach and that each step you take brings you closer to their fulfillment. It is discovering what brings you joy whatever that may be in the moment. It is understanding that you have a choice in every moment to decide how you respond to life’s experiences. It is trusting and listening to your intuition to steer you in the right direction. It is honoring your successes and failures because that is how you grow. You can only live authentically when you know what you want and can find expression of your desires.


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