June 2011 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends, 

Summer is upon us with its changing weather patterns and uncertainty in the air. Our inability to affect the weather and the ever changing energy shifts can leave us feeling vulnerable.




Often in our personal lives we feel vulnerable as well. We are told it is not wise to put ourselves in a vulnerable position for fear that others will take advantage of us or they will know more about us than we wish to expose. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable is often considered unwise. While it is true that some people can take advantage of our vulnerability, this is not always the case. We need to consider the advantages that vulnerability brings. 


Many of us are afraid that if we let others know our true thoughts and feelings they will not handle our information with respect or keep our confidences so we do not divulge our true feelings. We say things which do not truly represent how we feel. We often keep our guard up to protect ourselves. When we do that, we are not being true to ourselves.


Have you ever considered that when you share your truth and allow yourself to be are vulnerable it changes the nature of your relationships? We all recognize when people are telling the truth because truth resonates somewhere inside of us. Truth rings true. When people fail to tell the truth, we may not accuse them of lying but it just does not feel right or complete to us. We start to wonder what they are not telling us or why they are holding back.


When someone shares a confidence with you, it is like extending a hand in friendship. It is like saying I trust you. It creates a bond between people. How many people have you ever really shared some deep secret with in your life? How did that make you feel and did you notice that it brought you into a closer relationship?


Sharing a truth or secret we have kept hidden provides a sense of relief. A feeling that we do not need to carry that burden alone any longer, especially if what you shared has troubled you for some time. Sharing allows others to accept you as you are without judgment. This is comforting especially if you believed people would reject you if you expressed your inner truth. What are close friendships or partnerships for if not to provide an avenue to share our innermost feelings with others without fear of reprisal?


When we fail to share, we miss out on golden opportunities to better our relationships. Often when we share something very personal with others, it invites them to share something personal back about them selves. As a rule, women tend to do this more than men because they are often more aware of their feelings and may feel safe to share with other women. So pay attention to how much you share and what happens to your relationships when you do. I can pretty well assure you they will go to a deeper level.


You may be wondering when and where it is appropriate to share. Personal and family relationships are probably better than work relationships because after all you are at your work place to do your job. The exception to this rule of thumb is if you have formed a close relationship with one or more of your co-workers and get together outside of work hours. 


Being vulnerable is like standing on the street naked. Naturally most of us would not be comfortable doing that. So instead we put up walls and defenses around ourselves to protect us. Our greatest strength lies in our vulnerability and willingness to be open and sharing. When you think about it, it takes much greater strength to stand naked and exposed than it does to put up defenses. Walls and defenses may protect us but they also limit us and keep us struck in old patterning and fear and prevent us from being who we truly are.


When we feel safe to be vulnerable and stand in our truth, this is like saying I have enough trust in myself to handle whatever comes up. I am free to be who I am without fear from others. I feel safe in my world. I have the courage to show people who I really am and not worry what think of me.


Many of us have had past experiences that have taught us that when we opened up to others the results were not what we expected. We can choose to live our lives from our past experiences or we can choose to move forward and live in the present moment. Too often our present is colored by what has happened to us in the past even though we have changed and grown over the years. 


I would invite you to think back to situations where you have allowed yourself to share and be vulnerable. How did that make you feel and what did you conclude about more sharing in the future. Even if the outcome was not ideal, remember a new person may respond differently that someone from your past. So look upon the relationships and situations you encounter as a blank canvas. And allow yourself to try again because as you can see there are many valuable lessons to be learnt from being vulnerable.


When we are vulnerable and open, we do not give away our power to others. We do not let them control how we behave out of our own fear or belief that they have the power to do us harm in some manner. We are fearless and can be who we truly are. This is very empowering.


Being vulnerable is being honest with yourself and owning how you really feel rather than believing the mistruths we tell others in order to feel safe. It takes a lot of courage to be honest with ourselves. And even more courage to share our beliefs and feelings with others.


We often do not feel very comfortable when we are vulnerable. We feel people may judge us or take advantage. While they can do this, our attitude will play a big part in whether they do so or not. If you feel confident in your vulnerability they will have no point of access. It is much more challenging to attack a strong confident person than a weak one. So if you have the courage to be vulnerable, do not hide this from others. They will respect you for your courage.


It is always good to be in touch with your feelings even if those feelings bring up sadness, anger, fear or other unpleasant emotions. We evolve by owning and accepting all aspects of ourselves and not choosing only the aspects we like and find acceptable. In order to be whole, we must embrace and accept our shadow side. In doing so, we can transform our shadow aspects into our greatest strengths. 


Being more vulnerable requires courage and encouragement. If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and webcam readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312 2451.

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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to all, 
Sharon Cheney

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