December 2007 Knowledge Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season. I hope the New Year is brings the fulfillment of all your wishes. This time of year can be stressful for many because of high expectations and too much to do. Try to remain peaceful within and don’t over react or allow outer circumstances to spoil this holiday time for you. You can do this if you set your mind to it.


After all, you are the one who decides in every moment of time how you respond to outer circumstances and you also determine your inner thought processes. So make it your intention this holiday season to allow things to flow even if they are not going exactly as planned. The universe always has a divine plan in mind. Unfortunately sometimes the divine plan and our personal plans don’t always match. But hey, who can argue with God? You know He or She is going to win in the end.


Some helpful hints for this holiday season:

a) Always look for the good in others. Usually we only see what we want to see.

b) Everything is already perfect just the way it is. If you don’t see it that way, maybe it is time to review your expectations.

c) Make a gratitude list and give thanks daily.

d) Love, joy, and peace always abide within us so look within instead of without.

e) Life is like a kitchen, so pay attention to what you are ordering from the universe in every given moment through being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Contacting the Departed


At holiday time, many families gather together and often remember those family members who are no longer with them. This can bring up both happy and sad memories. It is possible to include your departed loved ones in your festivities by thinking of them and sending them loving thoughts. The departed, while no longer with us physically, are still alive in spirit form.


Some of you, who have experienced more recent losses, may feel the presence of your loved ones around you. Their presence can manifest in a variety of ways as there is no one particular way for a spirit to communicate with us.

Some of the options are, you may see a light or a shadow, which can be in the form of a person or not. This may disappear so quickly that you may question if you ever saw it in the first place.


You may feel a sensation of warmth or cold, a tingling, twitching, pressure or pulsing sensation anywhere in your body, which may be subtle or strong, or a feeling of being hugged or touched. You may experience rapid eye blinking for no apparent reason.


You may hear or feel a vibration around your head or other areas of your body. You may have thoughts popping into your head unexpectedly and think you are imaging it or going crazy. Some people experience hearing a voice calling their name or giving them information. This voice may sound as if it is coming from outside of you but when you check with others who are near, they will report that they didn’t hear anything.


If you experience mal functioning of appliances or have clocks stop at the exact moment a loved one passed, this is a signal from them that they are present. The reason your appliances and electronic gadgets malfunction is because the spirit body is made of electromagnetic energy and this interferes with the electrical system in appliances.


Some experience smells of a familiar perfume, cigar, pipe or cigarette smoke used by loved ones. Other scents may include familiar cooking smells, foods, favorite flowers of the deceased, or any other smells which you would associate with that person.


On rare occasions, people may experience different tastes in their mouths without anything ever being placed there. While this is rare, it does occur. The tastes can be of any variety.


All of these experiences are usually short lived again making you question their reality. In addition, the fact that you may be unable to receive confirmation of your experiences from others may also cause you to doubt your experiences. I assure they are real but less tangible that what we normally expect.


Since the departed as well as spirit teachers communicate through the same means, it is important to verify who you are receiving communications from. The best way to do this is to ask for a sign from your loved ones or ask them to come close to you and then pay attention to what happens next. Do not have expectations of what will occur as in doing so, you might miss out on a subtle signal or fail to pay attention.


It is important to note the means by which your loved ones communicate with you as it will remain consistent. So every time you experience the same sensation, you will know your loved ones are near and trying to communicate with you.

All spirits are telepathic because this is the only form of communication in the spirit world. We can communicate by this means while living but many people find this hard to believe. Since telepathy is the norm in the spirit world, this means that the departed hear all your thoughts whether they are positive or negative, so be sure that your thoughts are positive all the time. Also remember that negative thoughts directed at others cause karma.


You can never say ”I love you” too many times so be sure to let  your loved ones know how you feel especially at this holiday time. 


If you have difficulty in receiving messages from your loved ones, here are some hints on how to make that communicate easier. Before you try to communicate, sit quietly for a few moments and clear your mind of any thoughts, worries concerns of the day by breathing in deeply and slowly at least 10 times or as many times as it takes. This is a very important step because if you are not receptive you may miss their subtle communications.


Be sure that you are open to such communications and do not contemplate some fearful experience. Spirits cannot harm you. They may frighten you at times, especially of you at new at this, but they don’t have a body so what can they do. Be sure when you are trying to make contact to ask only for your loved ones and not anyone else in the spirit world. You know your loved ones would not want to harm you.


If you are need any help through the holidays or would like to know what you loved ones would like to share with you, you can contact me through my website I also have a CD called Communicating with Your Departed Loved Ones, which will help you make contact. 


Happy Holidays,

Sharon Cheney

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