November 2021 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

During the past two years, we have experienced many changes due to the covid pandemic. In order to be prepared for the future, we need to reflect on how the pandemic has personally affected us and notice if our experiences, fears and feelings have changed our attitudes or caused us to make new decisions about what to do going forward.


Taking Stock of Your Life 


When taking stock of your life, some things to notice are changes in your attitude or behavior towards your finances, relationships with family and friends, your home and work situation, health, and daily routines such as shopping, going to the gym and social activities. Have changes in these areas caused you to rethink what you plan to do in the future?


It is good to be aware of not only what changed, but also how well did you adapt to that change. Did you resist or welcome change? Did the change cause you to feel more stressed or happier? Were you living in fear that you would die of covid or trust that things would turn out okay? Did you continue interacting with people or did you stay home for months? How did your fear limit you?  Were you feeling depressed because of decreased social contacts?


If you spent more time at home with family because you are now working from home, lost your job or were in lockdown, what changes did this bring? Were you more stressed  because of increased house work and meal preparation, changes in daily routines, a need to entertain children unable to attend school, changes in shopping habits due to restaurants and stores being closed, or because finances were limited because of income loss? Have you and your family grown closer because of more together time or has it put a strain on your relationships with your partner and other family members?

How would you access how well you coped with these changes?


Did you feel isolated from friends and family because of lock downs, fear of getting sick, or not wanting to be with others who were unvaccinated or vaccinated? In some families, tension developed between those who were vaccinated and those who were not. Has your relationships with friends and family changed since covid began? Have you felt alienated or angry with others who do not share your point of view?


Has your attitude towards material things changed? Having to do without has made some people realize that the things they normally spend money on were not really that important or essential. Shopping can serve as a distraction for some and a means to fulfill unfilled aspects with ourselves. How did you cope with that?  


Were you able to receive needed medical care or were you afraid to go to hospital resulting in your health deteriorating? How did you cope with not being able to visit loved ones who were sick? For anyone who lost loved ones to covid, my sincere condolences.


This collective experience has allowed each person to choose to live in fear or adapt to the challenges we are facing. Moving forward will require a change in our attitudes and behavior. We all need to be flexible to survive. Our level of fear will determine how well we cope and how quickly we move forward. Some people expect things to go back to the way they were but I doubt this will happen.


When you leave home, you plan to go somewhere. You do not drive around aimlessly, especially not with the price of gas today. The same holds true for your life. Have a plan about what you want to do, what your goals are and how you pan to achieve them. Your plan may change but at least you have one and do not need to start figuring it out when in crisis. When making a plan, reflect on your life taking into account your experiences, attitudes and feelings. Notice what you are most afraid of and make sure your plan includes how to cope with those fears.


If you are having difficulty to cope with change and need assistance, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype by appointment by clicking on or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with peace, love, abundance and blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney  

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