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Dear Friends,

I am not a big follower of politics but one could not avoid this past presidential campaign as that was all everyone was talking about, no matter which party they supported or which country they lived in. His election as president came as a shock to many because the polls predicted a Clinton victory. Since his election many people are having difficulty to adjust and are fearful and angry. Worldwide, this election has had a huge impact leaving many with feelings of uncertainty over what the future holds.


Donald Trump and Ascension


It is obvious that Trump is unaware that we live in a field of energy called love. When you hold an attitude of disrespect and say things that are racist, it affects everyone in the field in the same way that when you throw a rock into a pool of water, it creates ripples that expand and affect the water surface far from the place where the rock entered the water.


Everything we say and do impacts people far and wide which is why there has been such a strong reaction to his being elected president. Being president of United States, the most powerful country in the world, is a great responsibility as the president’s actions impact so many at home as well as globally. This position requires that you take into consideration the needs and wants of many rather than thinking solely like a business man only concerned with profit.


Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican is less important than asking “What does Donald Trump represent?” and “Why was he elected?” Since the law of attraction is always in play, the question to ask ourselves is “Where are the qualities that Donald Trump exhibits in us?” He has spoken negatively against Blacks, Mexicans, Muslims, woman and the poor. He wants to build a wall to keep Mexicans and Muslims out to protect our country. He was accused by a number of women of sexually harassing them. If you share his views, does that make you a closet racist and fearful of others that are different than you?


As I listen to what Trump has said during his campaign, I cannot see him as a man who represents unity consciousness. He is not about bringing people together but about emphasizing their differences. He professes to be about making America great again which suggests that America was hobbling along until he came along. If statistics are to be believed, the country has been recovering from the 2008 recession and unemployment and economic growth are doing better than ever.


Trump wants to get rid of trade agreements that took years to craft with other countries and add a 45% tax on imports which will raise the price of goods, cause people to lose jobs and incite China and other countries from whom we import goods. Whatever he says does not seem to take into consideration the long and short term effects of his actions. Again these proposed changes as just examples of his lack of understanding that we are all interconnected globally.


We are at a time of great polarization on this planet. I believe the fear and anger people are feeling are a reflection of Trump’s inability to understand how his words and actions are increasing this polarization. This polarization has been present for a long time but has been brought to the surface by Trump’s frequent careless remarks.


Many people have long awaited the golden age the ascension process will bring. It is now believed that in 2018 there will be extensive solar flares and other changes that will divide our planetary population into those who will ascend and those who will not. Every 25,000 years, each soul is assessed whether if they are ready for ascension based on whether they are service to self or service to others. If you are on an ascension path, then you have already been going through spiritual changes and are developing an oneness consciousness that allows you to love and accept others who are different from you.


You may have experienced this polarization in your own life if you have felt a need to distance yourself from close friends or family members as you no longer feel that you are on the same page. This is just one sign of the ascension process you are going through.


I care what happens to the people of this country and how Trump’s actions will impact people around the globe today and for generations to come. The Native Americans when making decisions considered how their decisions would impact seven generations hence. I think this would be something we should consider in all our decision making rather than only looking how it will impact us today and not worry about tomorrow. There will be a tomorrow and your children and grandchildren will be the ones paying the price for decisions made today that do not positively impact the environment and the people.


We cannot blame Trump for creating this polarization but he certainly is not helping to reduce it. Now more than ever, we have the opportunity for individuals and humanity to come together to heal our longstanding discord and misunderstandings so we can create unity on this planet.  While I fear the misuse of power, it is important to remember that none of us is powerless or without choice. Anything we can do from a place of love will bring healing and unity while what we do from a place of fear will bring continuing discord and hatred. So it is up to each of us to decide what direction we wish to go.

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