October 2014 Knowledge Newsletter

Dear Friends,

We are reaching a new stage in our transition to higher consciousness. Many feel a shift taking place inside themselves but don’t understand why this is happening and what it foretells. Not only are people feeling different inside, they often feel blocked or stuck and don’t know why. So they look for answers concerning their direction, life purpose or what might be standing in their way. Unfortunately there is no handbook to higher

onsciousness and a lack of understanding is to be expected as we have never done this before on this planet.

Becoming Powerful Beings

Many people are experiencing the feelings mentioned above because they are powerful beings who do not recognize who they are. They are unable to access their soul record and therefore have no idea what talents and skills they have accumulated in previous lifetimes that could be of use today. Everyone incarnated on the planet today came with specific skills and abilities that are needed at this time. Unfortunately without recognizing their skills and abilities, they cannot put them to use.

Many people are frightened to even admit to themselves that they are powerful beings. Anytime they fail to recognize their power or are afraid to use it, they cannot fulfill their life purpose nor be of help in ushering the new paradigm. If you are a powerful being, you cannot change who you are. You can deny or hide your power from yourself or others but it won't change the fact that you are a powerful being. Hiding or denying who you are just prevents you from using your power and gifts to help others and be all that you can be.

How can you recognize you are a powerful being? Often you can know this by how others respond to you. They will often ask for your help because they sense that you have the wisdom to help them whether or not you are a counselor, healer or teacher. They do this by reading your energy field as all our knowledge is contained in our field.

Some people may tell you they are afraid of you not because you did anything to them but because you have a large aura or energy field that they sense. People who say they are afraid are usually people who are fearful to begin with. For example, imagine you are a very tall man standing beside a two year old child. Even though you mean the child no harm, just the discrepancy in your size may be frightening to the child.


Powerful beings have large auras that grow as we evolve. People who are fearful and do not understand thatpowerful beings have big auras, may feel intimidated. Sometimes we can become aware of our talents and abilities when people tell us we are really good at doing something even though we have no training or education in that subject. Again they do this by reading our energy, which we all have the ability to do whether we are aware of this fact or not. So it is wise to listen when someone points this out to you.


Don’t tell yourself you should not say anything because you are not an expert. If you know more than someone else then they see you as an expert in their eyes. It does not mean you know everything. It is only relative to what they know or how they perceive themselves. Standing in our power will impact those closest to us like our families, partners, children and close friends as well as our community and the world at large. Powerful people have very large auras often extending up to fifty feet or more so whether you say or do anything, just being who you are will impact others. It is important you be aware of this so you are not surprised when people react differently to you.

When we recognize that we are powerful beings, we realize we have the power to create the lives we want. The more conscious we are of this fact, the more responsible we need to be for our choices. As powerful beings, we need to be aware of our thoughts and actions at all times and not live on auto pilot thinking that whatever I do does not matter or that no one really knows what I am thinking as long as I don’t verbalize it. This is absolutely untrue especially since many more people are becoming telepathic or able to easily read our minds as people’s psychic abilities are increasing with the higher energy on the planet. Every thought we have about someone whether it is positive or negative, reaches them as thoughts are waves of energy that reach their target just like a missile. Whether they are aware of what you are thinking or not will depend on their level of consciousness.

Every thought we have contributes to creating our reality. Every time you agree with a neighbor, a friend, co-worker or loved one, you are adding to a belief system or a collective reality in which you share. The more people, who subscribe to the same belief, the more powerful that belief will become as more energy is added to it. If you hold a belief that no one supports, you will create a reality where you believe you are alone
and will feel isolated or unloved. Understanding how reality is created will help us understand that as powerful beings we can impact and change the world.

Once we recognize that we can change our lives through our thoughts and choices, many new possibilities open for us. We realize we have the power to bring about change by making new or better choices. We need to stop telling ourselves we are powerless to do anything. Powerful people are never helpless, just unaware of their capabilities. Rather than feeling powerless, do some random act of kindness or love today and every day
because only through your efforts will you prove to yourself how powerful you really are.

We need to realize that the Law of Attraction is always at work. The way the Law of Attraction works is that it manifests whatever we are thinking whether it is negative or positive. In addition, whatever our behavior, we will attract people who will reflect our behavior back to us. As powerful beings, we can bring about positive change by modeling how to be loving, compassionate and helpful. By doing so, we will see our positive behavior reflected back to us. Relating to others with a love and compassion will not only improve our personal relationships and brighten our energy field but will add positive energy to the planetary field and the well-being of all humanity.

To overcome any blocks you may have, you need to be clear on what it is you want in life. Having a clear goal or direction makes it much easier to achieve what you want. Doing something to actively pursue your goals is much better than settling for what you have or feeling stuck. Knowing your life purpose can be of help as that may provide the direction you are looking for. Even if fulfilling your life purpose does not become your day
job, you will still feel good when you help, heal, teach or share your knowledge and gifts.


To discover what your direction, find some quiet time alone and ask yourself what is most important to you. Do you enjoy doing what you do or do you do it because it is a responsibility you must carry? If you could do or have anything you want and there were no obstacles in any kind, what would you want? Where would you like to live? Who would you want to share your life with? Who or what would you want to eliminate from your life?
What brings you the most joy? This is a brain storming exercise so don’t start worrying about money or other obstacles that could stand in your way. Once you have the answers to these questions, you can make a plan to change your life.


To achieve what you want may require changing your job, leaving unfulfilling relation-ships, empowering yourself, speaking up for yourself, asking for what you want and so on. It may require limiting your responsibilities or stop carrying responsibilities for others. It may require giving up your dependence on others and realizing you have the inner strength to accomplish your goals. Whatever steps are necessary, it will free you from old patterns and help your recognize that you are a powerful being that can create what you want.

Don’t blame others for your situation as this is non-productive. Anytime we blame anyone for anything, we fail to take responsibility for the part we played. We give away our power and see them as more powerful than ourselves and believe they have the power to prevent us having what we want. People can only take away our power or limit us if we let them. It is our job to stand up for ourselves.

Sometimes what keeps us from owning our power are negative beliefs we hold about ourselves. Fear of failure, success, public speaking and rejection are common. Many worry how change will impact their close relationships and bring conflict or separation. Most people dislike change and really want to maintain the status quo even though they say they want change. If you notice changes occurring in your relationships, you should
take it as a positive sign that you are the one bringing about these changes by your having the courage to go after what you want and standing up for yourself. Remember those close to you always have the choice to grow with you rather than try to hold you back or blame you for wanting to change.

In order to change old beliefs we have been holding for most of our lives, we need to say positive affirmations a hundred times a day until the positive affirmation now becomes our new belief. For example, if you are afraid you will not succeed, you must say “I am a success in everything I do.” If you fear rejection say “Everybody loves and accepts as I am.”

We often hold ourselves back because we don’t love ourselves enough to put our needs first. Putting your needs first is the first step to achieving self-love and becoming empowered. Putting ourselves first is not
selfishness as many have been taught but a way to give ourselves a personal experience of love as well as stopping our dependence on others for love and approval. Often the people who feel guilty putting their needs first are often the ones to admit that their partners and families never put their needs in front of their own. There is no need to feel guilty. All you are doing is changing a pattern of sublimating your needs for others, which was not a loving thing to do in the first place. Putting yourself first and asking for what you want is a step in the right direction.

Stepping fully into our power will take some time as it requires making changes in our lives and responding differently to situations. We must be gentle with ourselves and not give up if things don’t go well the first time we try. After all we have been doing things a certain way for a long time and no one changes over night. We should expect resistance and challenges but these are only there to prove to ourselves we have the strength to overcome them.

The lunar eclipse of October 8, 2014 brought in higher frequencies of feminine light to the planet that will facilitate our moving forward with our hearts open to create a world filled with peace, love and abundance for all. It is important that no matter what we are faced with, we must treat ourselves and others with love and compassion at all times. We have been taught that it is not always wise or safe to do this but nevertheless but this is the challenge we now face in order to create a world filled with peace and love.


Owning our power is not always easy. If you are having difficulties knowing your purpose or how best to bring about change, I would be glad to assist you. Please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and webcam readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing at any time either by clicking on www.sharoncheney.com or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.

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