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Dear Friends,

Humanity is in the midst of an unprecedented shift into 5th dimensional consciousness. This long planned for shift is causing the frequency of vibration to be accelerated at a cellular level within every person and life form on Earth. Even if you do not understand exactly what is happening, you may senses that something unusual is taking place in your body, emotions, and thoughts.


Relationship Changes


As part of this shift, you may experience some unusual things. These can include mood swings, abnormal fears, anxiety, increased stress, headaches, back problems, inability to focus, short-term memory losses, unexplained flu-like symptoms, allergies, excessive fatigue, sleepiness, insomnia, joint and muscle pain, digestive problems, dizziness, etc. This is in addition to the stress caused by the recession, the housing crisis, and job losses. This shift is happening to everyone to some degree, whether or not we are conscious of it.


It is important to realize that this acceleration process is a necessary step in the rebirth that needs to take place in order to manifest a higher consciousness on Earth. Although we may experience various symptoms and changes during this shift, any discomfort or suffering will not be permanent. The more willing we are to address whatever is showing up in our lives, the quicker we will move through the discomfort into harmony and balance. To facilitate this process, eat more organic raw fruits and vegetables, drink pure water instead of soft drinks and coffee, listen to meditative music, think positively, spend time in nature, read inspirational books, play, love, laugh, and do anything else that opens your heart and fills you with joy. The more we can be in the flow of things and stop trying to control life, the easier this shift will be.


This consciousness shift is very likely to affect our relationships to ourselves, close family and friends, co-workers, the planet and all living beings. Some of you may have already noticed changes in your relationships. Here are some of the possible scenarios you may experience.


Some people are experiencing a distancing from long term friends and family members even if no altercation of any kind has occurred. The reason for this is that as a person’s consciousness shifts, new interests may develop that may not be shared by old friends and family members. Interests that once held the relationship together may be of less interest to you now. The law of attraction is at work here bringing us closer to those of

like-mind and distancing us from others who are not. These changes can occur slowly over time for no particular reason. They can leave us feeling uncomfortable or at odds

with these people with no one to blame. We must accept that some people will move

out of our lives to make room for new ones to come in.


Some people may discover that partnership relationships are no longer working well for them. Perhaps in the past, we were willing to close our eyes to things we didn’t like but now feel a need for change or something new. We may not know exactly what we want change to look like we just know we want something different. Most people expect their partners to fill the emotional holes they feel inside but that is not their job, it is ours. We often think the solution is to get our partners to change believing that will solve the problem but it won’t. Underlying all relationship issues is the fact that we can’t love

anyone until we love ourselves. So instead of assigning blame, look within.


All relationships are mirrors for our own learning so be sure to ask yourself “What are you learning from your relationships, both past and present?” When the learning is complete, it is time to let go gracefully and move on for the betterment of all parties. Many people fail to realize that when we change inside, we give off a new “vib” or energy that people respond to unconsciously. We may even be unaware that we have changed as these shifts do not happen overnight. When this happens, people around us only have two choices – to adapt or to leave.


I recommend proceeding slowly with relationship changes. Before saying anything or asking for what you want, be sure to think it through and be certain that is what you really want because the universe hears all our requests and will manifest exactly what you have asked for. 


For those who resist change, you can expect all your fears to be challenged. In the past, we could get away with shoving them under the carpet but that doesn’t work any longer. If we embrace change, stop trying to control what happens in our lives, and get into the flow, this will make the shift much easier. I realize that change can cause a lot of emotional and financial upheaval so I suggest you listen within to what feels right to you rather than what your fears are telling you, because one of the perks of this shift is an increase in our intuitive abilities. Of course, we need to learn to trust our intuition.


Tensions may arise with neighbors or co-workers who we encounter every day. This type of situation challenges us to take a new approach. Even if we don’t like someone or feel they don’t like us, perhaps we can find something redeeming about them. If they do not do their job and expect you to pick up the slack, this will encourage you to speak up and say that is not my responsibility. There are endless challenges we can be faced with but you can be sure it will be one that you personally have avoided in your life.  


This shift will not only affect our relationships to others but how we feel inside. We may want to empower ourselves more which can include setting boundaries, telling others how we really feel, going after what we really want instead of just going along. We may search for a deeper meaning in our lives and try to discover our life purpose. These inner shifts can lead to changes in career, exploring creative interests, moving, relationship changes, or any number of other possibilities.


We may desire to spend more time by ourselves to address our own issues, to discover what we really want, to meditate, to contact our higher selves or spirit guidance, and to develop a new relationship with ourselves. When we are busy with outer activities, we don’t take the time to focus on how we are feeling, discover what we really want from life and how to accomplish our goals. Instead we tend to live on automatic pilot and stay in old patterns of behavior whether they serve us of not.    


We may develop a greater interest in spiritual matters, become more concerned with planetary pollution and other causes which touch us deeply instead of sitting on the sidelines. Many people are experiencing an increase in their intuitive abilities and this challenges them to learn to trust.  Increased intuition is a normal result of elevated consciousness. I suggest you pay attention to your intuition, dreams, visions, gut feelings or however you receive information. Find time to sit quietly and ask your guidance what you should do with this information. Try to give it a 7-30 day trial and see what comes of it rather than dismissing it immediately.


These are just some of the changes that are happening to everyone. If you are having difficulty making sense of what is happening in your life right now, I can help bring clarity and provide insight. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me

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Sharon Cheney

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