October 2008 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

The recent news in the financial markets it is enough to cause anyone with investments, retirement plans, a business that need credit, or a mortgaged home to feel anxious and afraid. As difficult as it is to hear what is happening, if we look at this from another perspective, this may be a good thing. We are all experiencing this influx of higher energy on the planet. As part of the shift to higher consciousness, we need to get rid of old patterns. The market situation is forcing us to look at our fears and eliminate or change whatever is not working for us or is not for our highest good.


Embracing Change


In 5th dimensional consciousness, we understand that we are all one. What happens to others, affects us all in either a profound or subtle way, be it about the financial markets, the war in the Iraq or Georgia, the price of oil, crop failures, weather changes, pollution, and so on. We can no longer close our eyes and pretend it doesn’t impact our lives. We cannot hold onto a “them and us” mentality any longer.


What we are witnessing in the markets is that the actions of those on Wall Street have impacted global markets, just as our actions impact those we come in contact with. In order to repair the damage, the US must extend help beyond its borders. The awareness of how Wall Street’s actions have affected others is important for us to witness in order to see the connection between this situation and our personal lives. We need to realize that in some way we have contributed to what is happening because we are all one, and also because of our desire for security and to make a fast buck. As we claim our culpability, we must also own our power to change the future.


We need to understand the big picture and not go into fear. We must embrace change and realize that we have the power to bring change on this planet. We must envision a future where people live in harmony and peace, a true global community, rather than one where we try to take advantage of others for our own gain.  


One way to address change is not to succumb to fear. Usually, our first response to change is to become fearful because our security and way of doing things feels threaten. Change is not bad in and of itself, but being creatures of habit, we usually don’t like it. We pray for things to get better but we overlook the fact that to achieve change, some behavior, habit, or belief must stop in order for something new to begin. Nature abhors a vacuum so something will always fill the void.


So what can you do to address change and the fear that often accompanies it? A very easy thing to do is to say to yourself “I trust everything will be okay.” Try this now and pay attention to how your body responds to these simple words. As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, your body is the store house of all your thoughts and emotions. Think positively and you will feel well, think negatively and you will feel stressed and get sick. It is as simple as that. So if you are fearful, say “I trust everything will be okay” 100 times a day for at least one month and pay attention whether you feel better and if your perception has shifted.


Another thing to do is to realize that change is on the way whether you embrace it or not. You can bury your head in the sand but eventually you will need to address change. The easiest way to so this is to take stock of your life. Look into your belief closet, make notes of your behavior and how that behavior serves you, note who or what pushes your buttons, when do you get stressed, angry, fearful, etc. You cannot change until your recognize your own patterns, so this is a necessary first step.


Once you have done this at a comfortable pace, then you can start to think of ways you would like these situations and interactions to be different. This is next important step because if you don’t have a plan or an idea of what you are going to do, then it is likely you won’t be doing much. Once you have considered several scenarios and have chosen the best plan of action, now it is time to act.


If there is anything you feel you need to say to anyone, be it your partner, a family member, boss or friend that you have failed to express out of fear or the consequences, rehearse what you would like to say and then set up a mutually convenient time to speak with them. You want to make sure you are heard so don’t do it when they are busy paying attention elsewhere or unreceptive to listening. Make sure you speak in a calm voice as people tend to discount when you are emotional.


If you are really afraid to speak your truth, imagine that scary person as a child or as powerless to hurt or harm you. Use any imagery that will be of help. If the person is not available because they have passed or you do not speak with them, imagine they are there and tell them everything you need to say. Doing this is very important because you want to get those negative emotions out of your system. This will make you feel as if a great burden has been lifted from your shoulders and they will hear you on some level.


If you need to rid yourself of old thoughts or behaviors, then you need to be conscious of what you are saying and doing at all times. You can’t live on automatic pilot. You will probably forget sometimes because you are human, so don’t punish yourself. Just keep trying. Think of a child who wants to walk. It will falls down hundreds of times but is so determined to walk, so he picks himself up and keeps going. You need to be as motivated as that child. In the end, you will be the one to benefit from your efforts.


If you need to rid yourself of toxic relationships, jobs, or a residence, don’t be afraid to let go. As I said above, nature abhors a vacuum. Something else will come in its place. Don’t expect the replacement to look exactly the same as what you had before as you may be ready for something entirely different, so just be open and trust that you will receive what is compatible with where you are in your life right now. 


If you don’t know what your direction should be, where you should go or how to find the perfect path for you, sit quietly, relax your mind and ask your guidance to come close. Everyone has guides although some of us are not in regular communication with them. Ask them to assist you or you can pray to be guided to do whatever is for your highest good. Then pay attention to whatever comes your way. This of course requires a little trust on your part. You can’t learn to trust unless to try it. It is like swimming. You can’t swim until you actually get into the water.


Changing is like moving to a new place. When you move to a new place, you get rid of or leave behind things you will not need in your new place. You don’t take all the dirt and old stuff you don’t need or want with you. Well changing your consciousness is exactly like moving. You are moving into a new way of being, a new way of seeing the world and your place in it. Your psychic abilities will open even further, people and situations will appear different to you even though they may be very familiar. You will attract new interests and people because YOU have shifted. You don’t want to limit yourself and be afraid to do things differently just because you have always done them a certain way in the past.


I hope these suggestions have been helpful. If you need any help to recognize areas that need to be addressed or need ideas on how to bring about change in your life or what your directions should be, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312- 2451. Online classes, books, and guided meditation CD's are available by visiting to www.sharoncheney.com.


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May your future be filled with Love and Light.

Sharon Cheney

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