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Dear Friends,

I hope this newsletter finds you enjoying summer. Many times I am asked “How can I do readings over the phone?” so I thought I would explain how intuition and energy works.


How Intuition Works


Everyone has psychic or intuitive abilities. We are all born with them. Whether you choose to use them or not is your choice but everyone has them. Some people are afraid of their abilities - afraid they will see or hear something they would not like. It may be against their religious beliefs, or expression of their psychic abilities may not find approval in their community or family group.


Everyone has experienced some form of psychic ability in their lifetime. Psychic abilities come in many forms and although we are all capable of all forms, we tend to experience seeing, hearing or feeling most often. Telepathy, the ability to read a person’s mind from a distance and tele-empathy, the ability to sense a person’s emotional state from a distance are very common.  


The problem lies in that people do not recognize what a psychic ability is. I know this because when I read a person and see they are very psychic and I ask them if they are aware of this they usually tell me no. when I ask them if they ever heard a voice in their head or seen something, they say yes that happens all the time. But they never considered this a psychic ability.


What we call intuition or psychic abilities is really the ability to read energy. We can read a person’s energy no matter where they are located an energy is a non localized phenomena. All information comes in through one of our sensory modalities that is, we see, hear, feel smell or taste. Psychic abilities use these same sensory modalities to a higher degree so instead of sensing tangible, physical things, we sense energy which is less tangible.


Energy is within and surrounds every living thing. Energy is full of information so when you sense or read a person’s energy, you pick up information about that person or place. For example, have you ever stood near someone and felt they were angry or troubled without their saying anything to you? Have you ever been in a place where it felt good, like a church or someone’s home? Likewise have you ever been somewhere where it felt kind of creepy and you just wanted to get out of there? What is happens in these situations is that without conscious awareness, you are reading the energy in that place.


To prove that you have psychic abilities, ask yourself if you ever heard someone calling your name or trying to speak to you just as you fall asleep or just as you are waking up. This may be accompanied by seeing a figure standing by your bed. Have you ever seen a light, a shadow, or a presence out of the corner of your eye and when you turned your head it was gone? Have you ever felt a tingling, felt a presence, a pressure or had a sensation somewhere on your body, felt a chill or had your hair stand on end? Have you ever smelt or tasted anything when you placed nothing near your nose or in your mouth? Have you ever had thoughts pop into your head?


You may believe this to be your imagination but the way to check if it is to ask yourself a question to which you don’t have the answer and see if you get a reply. Ever had a gut feeling that suggested that you do or avoid doing something? These are just some of the ways we experience psychic abilities. Of course, you can receive messages through dreams or visions which are like waking dreams.


It is unimportant which form or forms of abilities you experience. What is important that you pay attention and trust what you receive. Developing trust will take time of course.


Psychic messages come from two sources. One source is reading the energy field or aura that is both within and surrounding our physical bodies. The other source of information comes from spirit guides or angles. When I do readings I am read your energy field which is filled with information about your health, your thoughts, emotions, past lives, talents and abilities, and future events. I also communicate with your guidance and others connected to you be they alive or deceased.  I can do this because you have thoughts about these people or pets and your thought forms are part of your energy field.


In the same way that you are sensitive to the energy around you all the time, I too having had a lot of practice am sensitive to the energy of people, place animals, and even the planet, which is also a living being.


Often people, who are unaware of how energy works, wonder how I can know so much about them. They think I need to use tarot cards, have a picture of a person, know their birth date, hold something of theirs, use coffee grains, and so on. All these things are only tools for the reader to tape into the energy of the person in question. When you wear a piece of jewelry or hold your car or house keys everyday, your energy gets transferred onto that object.


When you take a picture, your energy is captured on the film. When you shuffle tarot cards you are putting your energy on the cards which the tarot reader then reads. I have seen various readers use all kinds of tools, crystals, signatures, colors, etc. but in the end they are all still reading your energy because that is where the information is. I personally use a person’s name to tune into their energy because each person’s name has an energy signature that is unique to them.


I find it surprising that people cannot understand how I can read energy over the phone. They believe I need to see them to read them. At the same time, when they come to see me and they ask me about people who are not present in the room or who are deceased, they have no difficulty with the fact that I can accurately tell them about these people. If I can read their energy without them being present, I can also read anyone’s energy anywhere they might be. 


If you have questions about dealing with forgiveness issues or other concerns, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, hypnotherapy, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474 6363 or 514 312- 2451. Online classes, books, and meditation CD's are available by visiting to www.sharoncheney.com.


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May your future be filled with Love and Light.

Sharon Cheney

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