Commonly Asked Questions about Psychic Readings

How can a psychic reading help me?                                                                 A psychic reading can help you by providing answers to troubling questions or issues in your life. It can indicate a new direction in your life, and can tell you of future events. A reading will often provide you with new possibilities for you to consider or give you food for thought. The purpose of a reading is not to tell you everything that you want to hear will absolutely come true. If that is your only objective, you may be disappointed. A reading is to tell you of your future possibilities. You are in charge of your life and are in the driver's seat at all times.


How will I know if my reading will be accurate?                                               It is difficult to guarantee the accuracy of a reading as the future is not fixed. Sharon reads your future possibilities and probabilities that she sees. It is you, who decides whether those possibilities will manifest. If you don't like the possibilities, you have the power to change them through your thoughts and actions. If you choose not to change them, you can certainly learn from them.


Will you tell me anything bad?                                                                          For people who are afraid or do not want to hear of an up-coming death, injury, or illness to themselves or loved ones, should let Sharon know this at the start of your reading so this information can be avoided.


Sharon acts as a channel for spirit to speak to you. It is spirit who decides what you will receive. Every reading varies and Sharon has no idea what will come up in your reading beforehand. It is possible you may be told about illness, job loss, or something you may not wish to hear. Learning this may be an opportunity for you to consider other possibilities, to plan ahead, or to accept that change is a part of life.


In my experience, knowing of a future accident allows you the possibility to avoid it. I believe forewarned is forearmed. Sickness, of whatever sort, often provides the time to reflect on your life and can therefore be a very valuable learning opportunity. If you are told that someone close to you may be ready to pass, this may give you the chance to prepare or be forgiving do any completion work that is needed. I never would tell anyone of their own death.


Can you tell me how my departed loved ones are doing?             

Yes. Sharon can contact departed loved ones and tell you how they are faring and bring you messages from them. Most people want to know if their departed loved ones are all right.


Can you tell me who my spirit guides and angels are? 

Yes. Sharon can identify them either by name or description and tell you how they can help you in your life. I encourage those who want a more personal contact with their guides and angels to sit in meditation, or to take my "Meet Your Spirit Guides" class in which you will have an opportunity to meet and communicate personally with your own guides and angels.


Can you tell me my life purpose?

Yes. Sharon reads your soul energy where all information about your current and past lives is stored. She can tell you why you are here, what lessons you came to learn and any karma you have?


Can you tell me who my soul mate is?

Sharon can tell you if someone you know is your soul mate. If you have not met this person yet, she can tell you when and where you will.


Can you tell me about my health or the health of another person?

Sharon reads you energy field or aura and can predict up-coming illness as well as tell you what the future holds for any current health concerns you or your family members may have. She can also offer treatment suggestions.


How often should I have a psychic reading?                                          

There is no right amount of time to wait between readings. If many things in your life are changing and you need some direction or help in making new choices, you can have a reading as often as needed. I have some clients who call me for a combination of a psychic reading and life coaching, in which I provide them with psychic answers to their daily concerns, help them to see situations from a different perspective, as well as provide suggestions on what they could do. Sharon can often suggest new approaches to old problems.

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