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Dear Friends,

Living in 5D not only brings physiological changes but a wealth of other changes in how we live our lives. We own our power, we see ourselves for who we truly are, we trust all will be well, we let go of fear and relationships that no longer serve us, we honor our intuition, we are willing to change, be patient and loving, and can remain emotionally neutral, accepting of things as they are.


Living in 5D


Living in 5D requires were not be afraid to own our own power, which is considerable if you have attained 5D status. If you are a 5D being, you know you are a very powerful soul and should live and act with that knowledge. If you are afraid to own your power or pretend that you have none, then it is a sign that you have not attained 5D. You are still in polarity and still feel powerless to bring joy, love and abundance into your life.


Surprisingly, many people are afraid to own their power and recognize who they are on a soul level. If you find it difficult to accept your God-self look at where you have difficulty accepting yourself or others. We must be willing to accept our own uniqueness as well as see it in others. Loving yourself completely makes it easier to own your divinity and realize you are a part of the God self.


You must be willing to let go of relationships with people who do not want change and are full of fear. You must be willing to move forward without them in your life. Each soul decides what level is most comfortable for them. You can invite them to join you on your path but if they refuse, you must accept that is where they want to be, then let go and move forward. Send them love every day.


Living in 5D requires acceptance, not only of who you actually are, a powerful loving being, but also the fact that those you love, like family and friends, may not choose not to shift to 5D at this time. This does not mean they will never shift to 5D but only that they may not do it at this time. They may have other lessons they need to master before they will be ready.


Living in 5D means opening your hearts to those with whom you have conflict or have difficulty to forgive. Cut any cords to those with whom you have conflict and wish them well. I know it is difficult to let go of those you love, who do not want to change, but using your energy to try to move them is a total waste of time and effort. Know that this is the only choice open to you at this time. Failure to do this only blocks your path forward.


Imagine trying to move forward while pulling a thousand pound cement block behind you. Would that make any sense to you? Would you not advise anyone to let go of the cement block? The cement block is the same as unhealthy relationships with people who cause you unhappiness and negative emotions.


Even though it is difficult to let go, once you do it you will feel liberated. Doing this is like cleaning out your attic, basement or cupboards. Once you get rid of old stuff, you never want it back. Clearing out old disharmonious relationships leaves room in your life to focus your attention on yourself and makes room for new relationships especially if you are seeking a partner in your life.


When emotionally charged situations arise, you know you are in 5D when you can remain neutral and not respond with anger, fear or any other negative emotion. You immediately recognize the old patterns playing out and do not respond in your usual manner. Instead, you send them love. It is like someone pressing your old emotional buttons but now they get a different response.


You let go of fear and know in your heart that you are safe, and will be okay no matter what transpires on the world stage. Any negative prophesies you hear in the media are only there to frighten you into remaining disempowered. As an empowered soul, you must see fear in the media as opportunities to wake up the disempowered. As a soul, you chose to be here at this time to awaken and motivate yourself and others.


Living in 5D requires surrender and trust, even if you do not know where your future is heading. Your future will not look like your past so you have nothing to base it on. You need to trust that whatever or wherever you are bring guided to do or go it will be okay. Most people are more likely to embrace change when they know what it will look like. Unfortunately, with things changing so rapidly at this time, the future is not fixed and therefore it is impossible to know with any certainty what the future will bring. Intuitively, I get is going to be great but the change will come slowly and we need to be patient.


When change affects your income stream, this can be nerve wracking because we all want the security of knowing we can pay our bills. Realize that true abundance may not always take the form of having a lot of money, but having lots of love and support in our lives.


You need to trust that even though things may change like your profession, attitude or relationships, something new will turn up. Remember that nature abhors a vacuum. Look back in your life to when things changed previously and notice that you not only coped with the change, you are now stronger and better. Even though you may be unable to see the beneficial effects right now, know you will be okay.


Listen to your intuition. We all have these gifts but it requires trust to honor the messages you receive. Trust means you are willing to listen to your higher self or guides, who are trying to steer you in the direction that your soul wants you to go even if your ego does not.


Living in 5D means being aware and responsible for your intentions, thoughts and actions at all times because you understand that in 5D, we are all one and constantly affect each other as our sensitivities are increased. If your intentions are not loving and positive, you can expect karmic payback.


Pay attention to how often you have loving thoughts or do acts of kindness each day. Track this on your smart phone for a week or more. Of course, this requires you be very honest with yourself and aware of your intentions behind every thought or action. It is not enough to say “I love you” out of habit you must actually have that intention and feeling.    


Being a positive loving being improves your health as positive emotions affect our DNA. Notice if your old aches and pains or your health is better because you are no longer responding with negative responses.


If you are concerned with discovering your life purpose, you may be surprised to realize that part of your purpose is to wake up to who you really are - a part of the God self. This will make you feel powerful and understand who you are on a soul level.


Living in higher consciousness gives you an opportunity to be in service to others. Ask yourself “How may I serve, how can I be a better person, a more loving citizen of the world, and love and respect my neighbor more?”


When a sufficient number of people have shifted to 5D, the world will be united and at peace, and there will be happiness and abundance for all. Our hearts will be open and we will feel connected to our true divine self and everyone else.


If you are having difficulty to understand what living in 5D being means, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype by appointment by clicking on or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with peace, love, abundance and blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney 

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