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Dear Friends,

Recently I heard a man talk about his 4 near death experiences and what he learned from having these experiences.  Prior to dying on the operating table several times and being resuscitated, he had been a man who lived in his head. He approached this rationally and had a fixed point of view of life. He says he learnt now that there are many paths and that he needs to accept them all.  He even says he wishes he could go back to other side with its peace and love. This now causes him stress in his life.


Connecting to Source    


Listening to this man made me think that even if we do not have a near death experience, “What do we need to do to live a happier life?”  All life changes, even if they are not as dramatic as having a near death experience, are wake up calls for us. It made this man become aware of his connection to universal consciousness, which we all have. We are never disconnected from the source we are just unaware of our constant connection.     


While many people complain they are unhappy with their lives, their plan is usually to make outer changes like getting a new job or ending a relationship to fix the problem. But even if we make these changes, we still need to adjust to a new job or being alone which may bring its own challenges. Like the example above of the man who survives death four times but now has stress about wanting to return to the other side. Let me be clear in saying the man does not wish to die, he just wants to recapture the peace and love he felt when he was over there.


So the question remains how can we attain peace and happiness in our lives. What is required of us? Will making outer changes really make us feel better inside or will it just distract us for a time so we don’t need to contemplate our feelings and who were are and why we are here.


The solution to this problem is to see the divine in everything you do, in everyone you meet and all that you experience. While it is true that when you die you will become aware of your connection to source but the challenge is to recognize it now and to incorporate it into your life today. Doing so will make your life more fulfilling and meaningful.


It will also help you to realize that even if you get a job that pays more or your find a new partner, these changes will not make you aware or bring you closer to your connection to source. In order to do that requires a change in conscious awareness. It requires that you see beyond the superficial reality we experience everyday to the real meaning of why we have such experiences. Why we struggle to find love, have more money or accomplish or goals. 


What do we need to do to nurture our soul and fulfill our purpose for being here? Your soul does not care how much money you have, only your ego cares about that. Your soul does not care if you are few extra pounds, are not famous or are not the most beautiful person on the planet. Your soul cares about your knowing who you really are, that you fulfill your life purpose and learn what you incarnated to learn through the circumstances you choose for yourself 


 This is the best way to be happy with what we have in life is to try connecting to source within yourself instead of making outer changes in your life.  I say this because there is no guarantee that if you get more money, find a loving partner or succeed in your career that you will be happy.   Too often we see people accomplish their goals only to find they are still unhappy within.  To fix inner unhappiness you need to change inside yourself and once you have done that your outer circumstances will manifest a reflection of those inner changes.    


Even when we get what we want we may still feel unhappy because it requires an adjustment or a new way of approaching things or feeling. This may sound like a no – win situation but in fact it is not. It requires us to be happy with what we have and not believing the grass is greener elsewhere. Change is okay and is really unavoidable because we are always in a constant state of change.                       


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance. Blessings to you all.

Sharon Cheney





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