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Pain is the gift that nobody wants but one that offers us a great opportunity for understanding and growth. I was recently at a talk by Dr. Erving Hines, an anesthesiologist whose approach is quite radical from the norm in that his goal is not to block pain but embrace it. He says in order to deal effectively with pain, other than prescribing medication, is to look upon pain as a spiritual experience that can teach us something about ourselves. He believes the pain paradox is not always solved by medication.


Pain – Our Teacher


They say the only things we can be certain of are death and taxes but I believe we need to add pain to this list as no one manages to get through life without some pain of a physical, emotional or mental nature. In today’s world, we believe the antidote for pain is eating healthy, exercising at the gym and taking herbal medicines. While there is nothing wrong with doing any of these things, they don’t ever address the cause of our pain.


Victor Frankel, a Jewish psychiatrist that was a prisoner in the German concentration camps in World War 11 where he lost all his family members, wrote the book Man’s Search for Meaning. In this book he said we have the option of how we choose to look at any life situation, no matter how horrific. He suggested we need to find meaning in the life circumstances we face in order to learn from them and not just experience the pain.  


There are many forms of pain including heartbreak, betrayal, and a loss of a loved one as well as all kinds of bodily pain caused by any number of medical conditions. Normally when we have pain, we run to the doctor or we self-subscribe some medication to get rid of the pain as quickly as possible without ever asking ourselves why we have this pain and what can it teach us. When we have pain, we think there is something medically wrong with us and seek assistance to take it away instead of embracing the mystery and looking at the spiritual reason for the pain. Harvey Nouwen said “Life is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be entered into.”


Pain and the suffering that accompanies it can open the door to greater understanding and help us grow spiritually. We each have a choice whether we want greater understanding or we just want to block the pain and not deal with the spiritual cause. We must look upon pain as our teacher and ask what we can learn from it, how does pain serve us and what does it bring into our awareness rather than just looking for the medical cause. There are always spiritual reasons for our pain and we must search for them in order to grow. There is often pain with life threatening illnesses like cancer. The threat of death provides us with a choice to address deeper issues if we want to go on living.


Perhaps we have pain to bring to our attention a belief or emotion we have failed to recognize or deal with. One way to find meaning is to look at where in your body you have pain and then ask yourself what that organ or body part does. If you have hip pain, our hip joint helps us move forward and perhaps you have some resistance to doing that. If you have cancer, which is an auto immune disease, the body is basically eating itself up. So you need to ask yourself what is eating you up or what don’t you like about yourself? If you have heart problems, you need to examine your feelings and be more expressive as the heart’s function is to bring life giving nourishment to every cell of your body. The solution is to love yourself as well as those around you.


Every disease is associated with a negative thought form. All thoughts are waves of energy. When we get sick or have pain, it starts as a thought which becomes enlarged by the energy of our emotions and it then settles somewhere in the body with the closest matching vibrational pattern to the original thought based on the Law of Attraction. So it is important to pay attention to your thoughts in order to find the source of your pain. A book you may find helpful is Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life in which she lists beliefs associated with certain medical conditions.


Sometimes physical death is easier than spiritual death. With physical death we no longer experience the pain but the emotional or spiritual cause of the pain remains on our soul. In future lifetimes, you may contract other painful diseases until you address the lesson for the pain. 


In the pain associated with losing a loved one, especially if they were young, you may be angry at God or wonder what this young person did to suffer such a fate. Until you can read their soul, you will not know why they chose an early death. In some cases, the soul of the child has agreed to die young so you could master how to deal with loss. Failure to do so would be a great waste of their life.


Pain can serve us in a number of ways. Some people use pain to make themselves a victim or to get attention or sympathy. Some people identify with their pain and/or disease instead of understanding the real reason for their experience. Often you will see newspaper listings of upcoming meetings for cancer survivors, loss of loved ones, those with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and other conditions. While sharing stories of our pain can make us feel like we belong to a special group rather than suffering alone, these groups do not address the underlying cause for our experiences.


A good way to deal with others in pain is to have empathy, not pity. To hold them in your prayers and send them loving thoughts that they should come to understand the reason for their pain. Perhaps asking them if they ever considered why they suffered a loss or contracted a disease would bring such considerations into their minds. It is best to encourage them to move beyond victimization towards understanding and renewal.

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