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Dear Friends,

I hope everyone is safe and well. We are all born either male or female but what we don’t know is that within every male is a female part and within every female is a male aspect. In order to be fully empowered and achieve your maximum potential, both aspects must be developed.


Law of Gender


The Law of Gender has little to do with biological sex. Rather, it refers to the fact that there are two major types of energy - masculine yang energy and feminine yin energy, which are the basis for all creation. These energies are also known as anima and animus. Every person has both types of energy and to reach our full potential, we must use both.


Masculine energy is associated with being logical, such as in science and financial management, taking action and decision making, whereas feminine energy is associated with being intuitive, emotional, nurturing and creative.


The body symbolically also has male and female sides. The right side of the body is considered masculine and the left feminine. The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain coordinates the left side of the body because of the crossing over of the upper motor neurons in the cervical area.


The left hemisphere controls speech, comprehension, arithmetic, and writing (the masculine qualities) while the right hemisphere controls creativity, spatial ability, artistic, and musical skills (the feminine qualities). Even our bodies have residual organs of the opposite sex. The male body has nipples that can be sensitive to touch while women have a clitoris that engorges with blood like a penis when stimulated.


Our society encourages people to identify with either their male or female sides. It calls women, who are more masculine, lesbians, bitches or bossy, and men, who express their feminine intuitive side, effeminate or gay. Women, who fail to develop their masculine qualities, often have difficulty to landing high paying jobs in industry, while men, who are more effeminate or artsy, do not get the same respect or are looked down upon. The reason we don’t fully express our opposing natures often has to do with fear of ridicule or non-acceptance.


Many people especially the older generations, have been brought up to believe it is the man’s job to handle the finances, make the decisions, do yard work, drive the car, fix things around the house and discipline the children while woman are to manage the household, cook the meals, clean the house and take care of the children, even if they hold a full time job. The roles for woman are dependent on their nurturing, care taking natures while the roles for men are based on their logical, decision making and repair skills. Following such classical roles does not allow us to reach our full potential.


To develop our opposing natures, men need to allow their creative intuitive abilities to be exposed without fear ridicule. Men, in touch with their feminine side, are usually more in touch with their feelings, which allows for more empathy, greater understanding of others and better communication. Use of their intuition increases their sensitivity and can help develop their creative abilities. In today’s world, being a sensitive guy is preferred over the old stereotype of the strong and silent man as they are much more relatable.


Women, with a developed masculine side, are more successful in the work force at all levels. Being more assertive allows women to be less dependent on men for support, protection, financial management and decision making. It allows them to feel more empowered, productive and free to be their true selves.


In a world where divorce is common, women are often left to take care of their children. Having more masculine skills in their toolbox allows women to earn a good living, take care of their home and family, and reduces the stress of being a single parent. Divorced men too, are in a better position to attract new mates or deal with their ex’s when they are more sensitive to the needs of others. Using their creativity allows them to be more self-sufficient in the home instead of living on take-out meals and others.


There are many advantages to developing both aspects of your nature. It provides you with a wider variety of choices due to having a greater number of skills, allows expression of your true nature, gives you more confidence to cope with daily stresses, improves your communication skills and understanding of the opposite sex, and makes you feel more empowered and less dependent on others.


Fortunately, many young people today are no longer following in the footsteps of the older generations and their stereotypical patterns of behavior. This leaves them free to participate in professions previously restricted to only one sex and to live their lives more fully. They experience less ridicule if they chose to choose to remain single, parent a child on their own, participate in same sex relationships, travel the world instead of settling down, chose a profession that has been a bastion of the opposite sex and follow their heart wherever it may lead them. This is certainly encouraging to see.


Unfortunately, in speaking with many people, I have noticed that many people, regardless of their age, still cling to old fashioned expectations in relationships.


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Sharon Cheney  

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