March 2012 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Spring is almost upon us. Spring traditionally is associated with new beginnings and the start of a new cycle in nature. Since we are part of nature, we too are being asked to begin anew. This feeling of needing to head in a new direction is exacerbated by the energies that came in with 2012. In order to move forward, we must let go of old issues and fears and ask ourselves “What do we really want in our lives?” 


Our Bucket List


I am sure many of you are familiar with the 2007 movie The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. The movie is about two terminally ill men who decide to do all the things they have on their bucket list before they die.


So what is on your bucket list? Answering this question may require that you sit down with yourself and evaluate your life. Is there something missing or something you always wanted to do but were unable to for one reason or another? How badly do you want the items on your bucket list? Have you prioritized them in order of importance? Is your bucket list made of just fantasies or real desires? If they are real desires, why are they on your bucket list and not something you are actively pursuing in your life right now?


Not only do we need to figure out what is on our bucket list, it is important that we try to attain our goals now rather than putting them on hold until our children grow up, until we retire, until we save up enough money, or until we have time to do what we really want to do. It is important to fulfill our wishes now because everything that we plan for the future will always remain in the future. We can only create in the NOW.   


Also with the higher energies of 2012, manifesting is taking place at a much faster speed. So it is important to be clear about what you really want to manifest in your life now. Do you believe your wishes are possible to attain? If you do not believe that, then guess what - you will never attain them. It is your job to ask for what you want and then leave it up to God or the universe to figure out a way to manifest them in your life.


There are so many ways that our desires can manifest that we would never consider. For example, you want or need a new car and you don’t have the money. Have you ever considered someone may gift you a car because they can no longer drive it due to illness or other reasons. They may no longer want their car and have enough money to be able to donate it. Perhaps they prefer getting a tax deduction? You might inherit a car. You might win a car or any number of other possibilities that you would never have thought could happen to you. That is why I say “Ask for what you want” and leave it up to the universe to figure out a way for your wish to be realized.


The law of attraction is always at work so sooner or later your desire will manifest as long as you still want that desire to be fulfilled. Your part is to think positively and trust you will get what you want just like you do when you order in a restaurant. Be open to receiving rather than worrying about how it will manifest.


Often logic is our worst enemy because it limits the way we believe things can manifest. If we believe we can only have what we want through one means, then this is very limited thinking. There are unlimited multiple possibilities in the universe. Your thinking will determine which ones you manifest. So be aware of what you are thinking. Say “I am opening to receiving what I want” or “I trust I will receive what I want” and leave it at that.


Also when we ask for things on our bucket list, ask that they manifest now. We should all be living in the present moment not the past of the future. If you want to travel now and do not have the money, ask for that to be made available to you and sit tight and see what happens. It is possible that someone could pay your trip because the person they were supposed to go with is not able to travel with them and they do not want to go alone. It is not always about the money for everyone. They purchased a trip and are now unable to go and cannot get their money refunded. Again there are multiple possibilities out there.


Have you ever thought that perhaps you did someone a good turn in another life and they feel guided to help you in order to balance their karma? Being willing to receive what they have to offer results in balance between souls and results in a win/win situation. It does not make a difference the nature of your relationship or how long they know you. It does not need to make sense. Just accept what comes your way instead of thinking they must have some hidden agenda. 


Make sure you do not think negatively or think you will never get what you want because your thoughts create your reality. This is a universal law like the law of attraction and it is always at work. So be conscious of what you are thinking and keep saying to “I trust I can manifest my desires.”


Another obstacle to manifesting what is on your bucket list is that you must be open to receiving what you ask for. This requires that you love yourself enough to let your desires manifest in your life without resistance. You must be open to receiving rather than spending time worrying how they will manifest.


If other people tell you that you are being unrealistic or living in a fantasy world, just think of all the people who do manifest their desires by staying true to what they want and not giving up or listening to the negativity of others.  If you have people around you telling you that you are just being silly, I would not share my desires with them. Find people who will support your beliefs.


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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. 
Blessings to you all. 

Sharon Cheney

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