February 2015 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,                                                                                                                           As time moves on, more and more people‘s intuitive abilities are opening allowing them access to information coming from the non-tangible world. While this may be frightening to some, it is natural part of the ascension process and an indication we are ascending, which is what we have been waiting for. Even though our psychic abilities are opening, often when we experience something that does not make sense or is in conflict with our beliefs, we tend to disregard it. Perhaps we should not be so quick to disregard new information and instead be open to the new possibilities and changes it may bring into our lives. 


Accessing Higher Realities


We all have free choice as to what we will allow into our reality and what we will disregard. Our ego’s act like a bouncer in a night club determining what gets in and what doesn’t. It does this to maintain control and limit our reality. Expanding our reality can make us aware not only of greater knowledge but of beneficial beings who wish to help us and the planet evolve.


We must realize that our beliefs impact not only in how we feel in our bodies, but what we believe we are capable of. The more capable we believe ourselves to be, the more our consciousness and physical bodies change. As our consciousness grows, we come to realize that all realities are interconnected and we can easily import information from one reality to another since they are all connected. What we input into one reality or dimension impacts other dimensions and our future. In each density, the center of the universe is everywhere so we can relocate information from density to another.


Worm holes are short cuts through time and space that allow us to travel to higher dimensions like those we experience in our dream state. We are constantly accessing information from other realities even if we are unaware of this fact. We visit other realities for long or short periods of time throughout our day and while we are asleep. Being open and aware of these visits can help us bring new information and experiences into our current reality.


You may not believe this to be so because you may be unaware that it is happening. Have you ever noticed that during a day at work or while you are relaxing on the week-end that you find yourself day dreaming or have ideas pop into your head. Perhaps you experience seeing yourself on a beach or on top of a mountain when you really are sitting on the couch watching TV. Ever wonder why this happens or where these ideas come from? We tend to slip into these other realities quite naturally without much effort as we all have this capability. In fact, this is how time travel is accomplished. Of course with time travel there is often an intention to go somewhere specific. Many people are waking up now and are very surprised when they have glimpses of other realities they did not know existed. 


There is nothing to fear if you see, sense or hear from some non-physical being. They have always been there and will continue to be. If you had such experiences, you are not going nuts and you have not imagined it. Theses beings want to communicate with us and often have interesting information to share about the future or the path we are on. The only choice we have is whether we wish to listen to them or inquire what we should do to evolve. Many of these beings are highly intelligent and can provide solutions to help our planet and ourselves not only survive but thrive.


We each have the ability to access the higher planes of consciousness where this information resides, but we may need to adjust our beliefs to make sure they do not limit us. Time is marching on and we each need to decide if we wish to take an active part in expanding our conscious awareness. Increased consciousness can make us aware of unseen worlds, ET’s, non-physical spiritual beings and new information that can be most helpful providing our beliefs do not limit us.


If you are concerned with who you are communicating, you can ascertain if you are in communication with benevolent beings by paying attention to how it feels in your heart. If it does not feel right, do not proceed. Just like there are nice people and not so nice people in the physical realm, the same holds true in the higher dimensions. Just because they are not in a physical body does not always mean they are well intended. That is why listening to your intuition is so important.


If you are wondering how you can access higher realms and beings, here are a few possibilities. Sometimes access just occurs spontaneously when we are in a relaxed state. While our egos are at rest during sleep or a meditative state, we often travel in our astral bodies to other dimensions where we can encounter these beings and access new information. If you believe that because contact occurred in a dream state that it can’t be real, I suggest you should at least consider if there is any value in what you experienced. Few people pay attention to their dreams but perhaps they should be looking for the connections that exist between what they experienced in their dream state and what is occurring in their daily reality.


Another way to access higher dimensions is by visiting high energy sites where there are vortexes of energy that come up from the earth. Places like Sedona, Arizona, Machu Pichu in Peru, Stone Hedge in England, genuine crop circles, just to mention a few, are known to have higher energy. These locations are visited by thousands of people every year because they provide portals to higher dimensions. When visiting such places, you are exposed to higher energy. Even if you do not have any significant experiences while you are there, you have been immersed in higher energy and should pay attention to any changes that occur in your life, secondary to your visit.


We are living through a very exciting time that will bring many changes into all our lives. Because we are in a new paradigm if it difficult to always know what the future will be like but my feeling is we should just hang on as we go through these changes because I believe the future will be better than what we have now. Knowing the future will certainly help you to prepare and live your life to the fullest so I say do not resist or deny any new information that you may receive.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance. Blessings to you all.

Sharon Cheney


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