September 2021 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Ever wonder how solar systems and planets evolve to a higher dimension?  They evolve by changing their frequency, for example from 3rd to 5th dimension. Solar systems evolve just as people do, they just do it at a much slower rate.  Our solar system is undergoing a shift in frequency now. When a planet evolves, so must all the residents of that planet. Those who do not shift their frequency, cannot remain as they would not be compatible.


Evolving to 5th Dimension


Planets evolve when at least two thirds of the population have raised their frequency. Just as web bots scour the internet constantly to see if you have made changes to your website to determine your ranking on a search engine, algorisms scan social media sites worldwide daily to determine the tone of the people’s communications.  They look to see if communications between people are fear based or positive. This way they can determine if people are evolving. Clif High on Bitchute has many videos of his findings.


How we feel collectively determines our level of frequency. Fearful people generate a lower frequency while empowered beings have a higher frequency. The media constantly reports scary news such as natural disasters, wars, death from covid and other things that would cause you to be fearful. If watching the news makes you fearful, don’t watch it. Also avoid people and activities that raise your fear level.


While many people have raised their frequency over the past year or two, we cannot evolve to peace and prosperity until there is a cessation of war, conflict, abuse, racism, and prejudice on this planet. To assist in the Earth’s ascension process, determine what makes you fearful or to behave in a negative manner and realize that ONLY you can change yourself. Blaming others for your feelings and behavior is just a way to avoid change and taking responsibility for your actions.


One approach to reducing fear is to ask yourself if there is anything you can personally do to reduce or eliminate that fear. Can you prevent a natural disaster or war? No, so fearing it will not help you. It is best to just be prepared and have water, extra food, alternate sources of energy, and a bag packed with your medications, important papers, extra clothing and anything else you might need should you need to evacuate quickly. On the other hand, if you are a fearful person in general, that is something you can work on such as learning to empower yourself.


Everything is always in a constant state of change as that is a universal law. Since you are part of the universe, naturally you and your life circumstances will change as well. This is a positive thing.


Sometimes we are faced with changes whether we want them of not. Your soul makes you stronger by providing challenges and opportunities for change. So if you look upon change as opportunities for growth rather than seeing yourself as a victim, you become less fearful, making change easier and perhaps even fun. I do not suggest changing everything at once as that may feel overwhelming. Choose the easiest thing to change first and once you have successfully mastered that, move onto the next easiest thing, so you build on success.


Another way to bring about change is to visualize the world you would like to live in. When I do this, I see a world where everyone has clean water to drink, enough food to eat, free medical services, free education, enough money to live comfortably, a world where there is no pollution, where peace reigns,   where people respect and accept each other, we not have a ruling hierarchy and we live free.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney   

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