July 2015 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,                                                                       Many people are becoming more sensitive of late and may discover sensitivities to smells, toxins and behaviors that they did not have before. Sensitivities can be difficult to handle so I would like to offer some suggestions about what to do about them.


Sensitivity and Insensitivity 

Have you ever felt like someone stepped on your toes, was totally oblivious of how you feel or what was important to you? When this happens, the usual response is to feel hurt or conclude others don’t care about you especially if you have taken the time to alert them to how you feel. So you may wonder why would someone deliberately say or do something hurtful.


The only possibilities I can think of are that insensitive people are self-absorbed, critical, don’t care how you feel or that you are not important enough for them to make any effort to change. They may be less conscious or out of touch with their own feelings and do not even realize they are being insensitive. Perhaps they feel alone in the world and think “What does it matter how others feel or how I behave?” These are not bad people and you may even like them for their other redeeming characteristics.


Often insensitive people can’t understand what you are making such a fuss about. They may look upon you as someone who is difficult to be around because you are so emotional. They may think you are being overly sensitive and take everything they say to heart when they only made a casual remark at your expense. Such folks usually do not take to time to find out how you feel or how their behavior affects you. 


We live in a world where we are all connected whether or not we are aware of the field of energy that connects us all. Unfortunately, many people do not realize that they do not live in a vacuum where they can hurt or be insensitive to others without it having a ripple effect on others. What goes around comes around so these people will have to experience people not listening to them, ignoring them and their hurting their feelings at some point.


Sensitivity and insensitivity are on the same continuum but at opposite ends. When we see extreme sensitivity we should look for extreme insensitivity. Sensitive people are more focused on others being sensitive to their needs rather than their being sensitive to the needs of others.

I have done readings for sensitive people and what is interesting to me is that people with skin conditions like cirrhosis and extreme sensitivities are often people who in previous lives have been insensitive to others. If you have been insensitive to others in one life you will come back with people being insensitive to you or having extreme sensitivities. This is how the soul learns and karma works.


To avoid having your feelings hurt, it is best to tell people about your sensitivities such as things that bother you like not returning your calls, constantly being late or saying hurtful or critical things. It is not their job to read your mind. It is your job to tell them in a nice way what bothers you and ask them not to do it again. This does not guarantee they will never do it again but at least you have done your part by letting them how you feel.


Should they ignore your requests and continue as before, then it is your choice to remain in relationship with them or not. Continually complaining about how they hurt your feelings to someone who does not care or is oblivious of how their actions impact you is a waste of your time. Saying something hurtful to get back at them is ineffective as they are insensitive and your comments will just roll off their backs. Keeping hurt and anger locked inside is not good for you and can lead to future health problems.


If you are in partnership or have friends who are insensitive, you may want to ask yourself why you choose to be with such people. What are you getting out of the relationship? Does it reinforce your belief that no one cares about how you feel, that you are unable to say how you feel, that you feel unheard, unloved, that you are victim or feeling angry and powerless? Notice how you choose to respond when you feel hurt or angry. Do you lash out, cry, say you won’t put up with such behavior or do you hold your feelings inside?  In each moment, we choose how we want to respond so perhaps a change is needed. 


For less sensitive people, you need to pay attention to your intent when interacting with others. Do you say things to annoy or hurt people on purpose? Are you out of touch with your own feelings and therefore oblivious to the feelings of others? Do you think you are being funny when you are sarcastic because sarcasm is just another form of anger? It is best to be observant of how the other person is responding to your words and actions. Watch their body language and facial expressions to see if they are okay or are looking annoyed or hurt.


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Sharon Cheney

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