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Dear Friends,

I am often asked whether a person can trust the information they receive intuitively. The answer is yes although this may take some time. As in all relationships, it takes times time to trust your spiritual guides. That’s why I suggest giving intuitive messages some time to see if they come to pass, as not everything manifests immediately. You can also write down what you receive, if the message is about some time in the future, to see what happens.


Trusting Your Intuition


How you receive intuitive information is unimportant. You may see images, hear sounds or words no one else hears, you can sense things, smell or taste them, you can have precognitive dreams, déjà vu or spontaneous experiences, or receive information using other intuitive abilities such as automatic writing, channeling and so on.  What is important is that you trust what you receive rather than how you receive it.


Often we want others to confirm that what we receive is true. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do this either because they are not intuitive, people receive information in different ways or they interpret it differently. All information received usually goes through our personal filters unless you are highly evolved and can be a clear channel.


Intuitive messages can sometimes be rather odd and not what we expected.  Sometimes they suggest we move, leave a partner or job or do something we never planned to do. So it understandable that you may not want to heed such messages. But the truth is that perhaps changing jobs, partners or residences allows something new to come into your life that would not have happened without making that change.


Sometimes messages about the future are not about outer events but internal changes in our perception and understanding of ourselves and others. These inner changes can lead to changes in our relationships as well as physical changes in our lives.


I know we all like assurances that if we make a change, everything will be alright or that we will be better off, but that is not the soul’s agenda. The soul wants you to realize your full potential and in order to do that, you must sometimes experience challenging situations to prove to yourself that you can handle them. Otherwise how would you know.


We incarnate only to learn. That is the sole reason we are here.  How much and how fast you learn is up to you. If you ignore your intuition, which is trying to guide you to a path of maximum learning, then you will just need to come back another time to master the same lessons.   


If you have trouble trusting intuitive messages, it could be that you prefer to follow your logic or your ego, rather than your guides. Our guides provide most of the intuitive messages we receive. They communicate with you to keep you on track of the plan you made as a soul prior to incarnating. You have a choice to follow their messages or not, as free will always exists.


When you grow in awareness and learn to trust your intuition, knowing it is there to provide assistance to keep you on your soul’s chosen path, this is an indication that you are now functioning at a higher dimensional or consciousness level, and are living from your soul awareness, rather than your ego wants and needs. 


If you have difficulty to trust your intuition, you may have a trust issue. Trust issues usually start early in life. People, who grow up in families where parents or other significant adults do not keep their word or create situations that cause anxiety, such as yelling, hitting and other negative behaviors. Trust issues can also come from past life experiences. You may not remember your past lives, but the trust issue will remain until you master it.


Trust issues are about people not behaving as we would expect or like them to, but the truth is we cannot control what other people do. They can cheat, lie, steal, abandon us and do any other number of unpleasant things. Trust is not about how other people treat you but about trusting in yourself or feeling confident to handle whatever comes up in life.


If you have difficulty to trust your intuition, here is a good test. Ask a question you don’t have the answer to and then see what you receive. Then give it some time to see if it manifests.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney  

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