February 2010 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends

The recent earthquake that affected 3 million people in Haiti has captivated the attention of the whole world. It has been heart-warming to see that people and governments all over the world responded so quickly and continue to do so. Our differences became irrelevant in light of the compassion we felt when we witnessed the suffering of the Haitian people. The global community opened their hearts and allowed more love and healing onto the planet which has benefitted all.


Birthing a New Consciousness


I was in Canada when the earthquake occurred and I was very pleased to see how quickly corporations everywhere responded to Haiti’s need by asking customers to donate at many chain stores. All radio stations across Canada got together and made a Haiti Day within days of the earthquake to make people aware of their plight and ask for donations. I know similar efforts went on in other countries.


Last month I spoke about higher vibration energy anchoring itself on the planet in the first two weeks of January. The Haiti earthquake that occurred on January 12th, 2010 provided us with an opportunity to put into practice our intention of opening our hearts and becoming a global family. The actions by so many people worldwide showed us that we have the power to create new outcomes. Whether we say prayers, contribute financially or help out physically, it says we care and will not ignore those in need. The concern we hold for others will create a new reality on this planet.


We must continue to hold the vision of a better life for those who live in Haiti or wherever people are suffering. By holding a vision of world peace and brotherhood, it will become a reality for all of us. Our voices will be heard and those who choose to abuse and take advantage of others will not be tolerated. We are all connected whether we can see or feel this connection. It is this feeling of oneness that that will bring love, peace and harmony on this planet.


What the situation in Haiti has shown us is that we can bring about change. With each loving thought, we are changing the outcome and the future of mankind. We will soon realize that we don’t need politicians or others in power to create these changes. We have the capacity to act now based on the love we feel in our hearts.


This recent disaster in Haiti has shown us that we can ban together and open our hearts and pocket books. While this is wonderful to see, the thought that comes to mind is “Why aren’t we doing this all the time? Why do we need to wait until disaster strikes?” In this decade alone, we have seen many natural and manmade disasters, some of the most prominent ones being the tsunami that hit Southeast Asia, hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, the destruction of the twin towers in New York and now the earthquake in Haiti.


Each time we have seen people worldwide come together like a global family and demonstrate their concern for others. It is now time to do this on a daily basis.

Have you ever noticed how families come together in a crisis? While that support and caring is most appreciated, my question is “Why don’t we act like that year round?” Why do we need to wait for a disaster or a crisis to show people we really care? Perhaps this disaster in Haiti is yet another chance that some Higher Power has given us to see that we are not only capable of responding with love in times of need but able to sustain that love year round.


I see these disasters as God given opportunities to see if we can keep our hearts open and feel connected to those we don’t know. How many more disasters or crises will we need to experience to realize we are a global community? With the Internet, we have instant access to information and people around the globe. Why not use this resource to link us together in a common vision of creating planetary brotherhood? There are many sites offering world peace meditations and healing.


If we think of the globe as populated by a group of strangers, we won’t care. But if we think of the planetary population as our family, our attitudes will change permanently. Sometimes it is difficult to get personally involved when we feel no immediate connection to a place or the people living there. If you are a person who does not travel outside your immediate area or country, you may feel no connection to people in other areas of the world.


We must understand that the people on this planet have experienced terrible suffering, prejudice, hatred, violence and all kinds of abuse of power. Haiti is a reflection of all the suffering we have experienced. Remember we are all mirrors for one another no matter where we live. If Haiti is a mirror for our learning, what can we learn from the Haiti earthquake? We are all susceptible to a disaster or a crisis occurring at any time in our lives. We can also learn that if we promote planetary brotherhood we could count on others being there for us in our time of need.


When we close our eyes to the suffering of others, does this make us any better than those who promote war, genocide and other forms of suffering? If we sit by and don’t respond with heartfelt concern, what does this say about us?  We need to be conscious of what we are thinking and doing everyday in order to anchor in a new consciousness. Just hoping someone else will do it for us won’t work. We need to stand up and be counted and let our hearts guide us.


On a soul level, we receive “karmic bonus points” every time we voluntarily reach out and help someone, be they a stranger or a friend. While you can’t get fly free on karmic bonus points, you can expect miracles to occur in your life. Whenever you do good deeds for others willingly, they will come back to you in multiples. So it pays to open our hearts and help those in need.


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Sharon Cheney

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