November 2018 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Many people believe that their family and friends know that they love them so they feel they do not need to tell them or do anything to demonstrate their love. Whether they know you love them or not, letting them know through your words or actions will certainly improve your relationships. We all desire to be loved and with the holidays approaching, why not show others how you feel by doing something loving.


Expressing Your Love


Saying “I love you” daily to those you love can make a huge difference. No one ever gets tired of hearing they are loved, even if they hear it a hundred times a day. Asking others how they prefer to be loved rather than doing what you prefer lets them know you really care and want to please them.


Many people believe it takes grand gestures to let someone know you love them like buying them expensive gifts, but this is untrue. Being there for a friend when they are going through difficulties or are ill, calling daily to see how they are doing, running errands for them, taking care of their pet or bringing them some home cooked food are just a few things you can do.


Random acts of kindness are loving gifts you can bestow on others. These include giving money to a homeless person, assisting the elderly across the street, helping someone move, giving someone a lift if they don’t have a car, or listening to a friend who is troubled. Again they don’t need to be big things; any gesture will do, providing it comes from the heart.


Generosity can take many forms but giving someone their freedom is one the greatest gifts you can bestow whether it is allowing them to follow their dreams, supporting their vision or letting them go out of your life.


Touch is an easy but important way to express your love. Holding someone’s hand, putting an arm around their shoulders to comfort them and giving them a hug are just a few things you can do to convey your love. Many people do not get touched regularly so a hug or a pat lets them know you care and is more comforting and reassuring that you can imagine. It may only be small gesture to you but you may never know how much it means to someone else.


Love is letting others know how grateful you are for all that they have done, even if their deeds were small or didn’t fulfill all your expectations.


Love can be acknowledging others for their accomplishments, successes and good deeds. We all desire to be acknowledged and accepted for who we are as well as our achievements. We all desire appreciation, so give compliments whenever possible.


Love is being kind to others no matter how they treat you. Love is being willing to give or share what you have without fear of criticism, believing you will be without, or needing to justify your actions.


Love is being respectful of others and choosing to agree to disagree because you realize the relationship is more important than being right. Supporting, rather than criticizing someone’s passion or point of view even if you disagree, allows them to walk away with dignity. Love is respecting someone’s boundaries and wishes.


Smiling at someone may not seem like much, but wearing a smile is like putting out a welcome mat indicating to others that it is okay to come closer.


Love is being nurturing, caring, supportive and helpful. Love is being a friend that someone can call at three in the morning, someone who offers to help without thinking what’s in it for me, being willing to hold someone when needed, with no questions asked, lending money to a friend in need and caring for them when they are sick.


Accepting others is a wonderful way to demonstrate love as we all desire love and acceptance. Love is seeing the good in others instead of their negative qualities and accepting them as they are and not as you would prefer them to be.


Love is allowing others to take responsibility for their choices rather than intervening. Love is not blaming others for the choices you made.


Forgiveness is a beautiful expression of love and allows you to release the anger that underlies your inability to forgive. Forgiving the people who really challenge you is the real test of love.


Expressing your love can go beyond those you know personally and be extended to those suffering and starving in the world such as being compassionate and generous to those who are less fortunate.


Love is being in service to others without entitlement or expectation of anything in return. You can demonstrate your love by caring about what happens in your community, by volunteering to help the disadvantaged, the elderly, the handicapped, the poor and others. Take a meal over to someone who has less than you or help in a soup kitchen.  


Love is an inside job. Your decision to love someone doesn’t change regardless of how they behave as only you can decide to love someone or not. Love is the greatest transformative power and it colors every situation and relationship.


Loving intentions are positive thoughts tinged with love. Having a loving intention towards others communicates itself to those you come in contact with. They can sense it in your attitude and willingness to support them where they are in this moment and to listen respectfully instead of telling them what to do.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney

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