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Dear Friends,

Winter is still with us and it has been a particularly snowy and cold one for many. Winter is traditionally a time for introspection according to Native American traditions and it is a good thing to do on cold winter nights. With the shift in energy we are all experiencing, it would be wise to use this time to look at the judgments we place on ourselves and others and our need for justice.


Judgments and Justice 


Many people erroneously believe life is supposed to be fair and justice is supposed to prevail. Unfortunately that often does not happen. As far as life being fair, we all do not come here with an even playing field. We come as souls who have had different experiences and are at different levels of evolvement.  To add to that mix, some people are here to balance karma created in previous lives whether they remember their past lives or not. In the spirit world, all experiences are remembered but unfortunately when we incarnate here we lose those memories.


When we have an altercation or are victims of a crime, it provides a learning opportunity for both parties. Most people tend to place judgment on the other person saying they were wrong for what they did and seek justice. This judgment may be the result of the person not fulfilling their personal or socially acceptable expectations or because they did something against the law. Our job is not to play God or judge and jury.


We must trust that the universal law of What goes around comes around is always at work and the wrong doer will get to experience the impact of their actions at some point in this or a future life. We do not need to hand out judgment or justice. Instead we need to find compassion in our hearts that the wrong doer is misguided and lacking in understanding and needs love and compassion. Believe me they will get what they deserve but it won’t be meted out by you.


Whenever we seek justice we want to be right and feel justified in our actions. If we go to court and win this only reinforces our belief that we were right in whatever course we took. We seek support of others and the courts to make us right. Unfortunately even though the courts are there to hand out justice, often this does not occur. Lawyers get paid by their clients to support their actions even if they are wrong.   What they do is find ways to get around the law and the more successful they are in getting their guilty clients off, the more they are paid. So we cannot always count on lawyers or the courts to provide the justice we seek.   


If you are a victim of another such as a robbery, bodily injury, or death of someone dear to you, you will want that person to pay for your suffering and your loss. The courts may bring this person to justice and fine them, incarcerate them, or take away their rights but will that really make up for your loss? Will it balance the suffering no matter what punishment they receive?


The part most people fail to understand that as souls we agreed prior to incarnation to play the parts of victim and wrong doer no matter which role you signed up for. There are no victims only people who have forgotten their soul agreements. When you look at life from the perspective of the soul instead of the ego or personality, it takes on a very different slant. If you can acknowledge that you agreed to play the part of the victim or the aggressor that you did so for the learning and evolvement of your soul. Perhaps you needed to experience a misfortune to learn to find compassion in your heart and not justice.


This is not to say one should not go to court but the real question you need to ask yourself is why did you choose to participate in this injustice and what have your learnt from your experience? Are you still feeling bitter or thinking that whatever justice the wrong doer received will never measure up to the  suffering you experienced? This is not to belittle any suffering you may have experienced but to realize that all experiences are learning opportunities no matter how painful they may be or whether they are justified or not.


In addition, have you ever considered that when you spend your energy thinking negative thoughts about someone or wishing that bad things happen to them because you are hurting inside that you are creating karma for yourself that will need to find expression sooner or later? Any time we think or act negatively towards others like wishing they go to hell, suffer losses, judge them or speak badly about another person you create karma. So judgment, criticism and negativity is not the best route to find justice no matter how much you believe they deserve it. The best thing to do is to send them love because when you do that it shows that you are the bigger person, the more evolved person and you are not going to operate on their level.


The more compassionate we are towards others who have done us wrong, the more we evolve as souls. When we spend our time thinking positively and being loving not only do we get karmic bonus points we feel better within ourselves. We are likely to have better health and feel less stressed. So it is up to each one of us to determine where we want to spend our energy. How much of a need do we have for justice or to be proved right?


In our need to be right, we often tell others of our situation. By continuing to focus on it, we relive the upsetting emotions we experienced over and over again. We tell others to enlist their support and become angry with them when they do not agree with us all because we need to be right. Some people continually repeat their misfortunes for attention.  Who can resist hearing a juicy story and one where they can play the victim? A need to be right keeps us stuck in our old patterning and indicates our lack of flexibility.


It also prevents our growth when we are unable to see the point of view of another or understand their actions. Have you ever considered why they would do this to you or rather than taking on the role of the victim? Perhaps they could not see any other way to go about things. This does make what they did right but rather shows a lack within them and it is the reason why we need to be compassionate. 


So the next time you place judgment on someone or make them wrong, ask yourself if you are so perfect to be able to do that. You know the old saying people in glass houses should not throw stones. We are all imperfect and come here to learn so it is better to focus your energy on learning something about yourself rather than speaking badly about others. At least you can do something to change your behavior whereas you have no means to change the beliefs or behavior of someone else.


When we are in judgment of others we are not in oneness consciousness. Judging others is a means to make ourselves feel morally superior. Judgment and moral superiority only creates distance between people and leaves no room for forgiveness. I am sure everyone has done something they are not proud of in their life but we need to forgive ourselves and others. 


When we place judgment on others, we do not look at the individuality of the person or accept them for who they are but tend to lump them together in some category such as liar, thief or cheater. We do this because our fear of emotional intimacy and refusal to take a good look at our own behavior. Intimacy means into myself see. So when we do not want to look too closely at ourselves we place judgment on others. We do this out of our own insecurity and difficulty we have in accepting others who do not share our values or points of view. That’s why we join groups, churches and other organizations like minded people.


I hope I have given you some food for thought on the issues of judgment and a need for justice. If you need my help with these issues or any changes you are experiencing, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and webcam readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney 

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