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Many people are fearful and frustrated because of the covid virus and the downturn in the economy. It is important to remain positive as the Law of Attraction is always at work. This law states that Like Attracts Like so thinking negatively will attract those circumstances to you.


The Law of Attraction


All souls are affected by universal laws, regardless of their level of evolution or awareness. Understanding the impact of the Law of Attraction in our lives will help explain why we attract the people in our lives, the health we have, our spirit guides, our personalities and even where we go after death. 


There has been much written about the law of attraction and how you can manifest the perfect mate, job, money or whatever you are seeking through positive thinking and visualization. But it is important to remember that you can just as easily attract negative circumstances into your life through negative fearful thinking because Your Thoughts Create Your Reality. The reality we experience is what we have attracted to ourselves.


The law of attraction is at work even before we incarnate. All the people we meet in our lives are chosen prior to incarnation based on the lessons both souls need to learn and the karma that needs to be balanced. Souls with the same lessons to learn attract each other and often become family members, partners or close friends. For example, if a person is abusive and the other feels victimized, they both need to learn the lesson of empowerment. Abusers feel disempowered, which is why they abuse others to make themselves feel more powerful.


When it comes to relationships, if you dislike or admire some trait another possesses, you must ask yourself “Where is that in me” as all relationships are mirrors for our learning. That is why you have attracted those people into your life. I often hear people say they are not like their family members but there must be some similarities for you to have attracted them into your life, even if you don’t like to acknowledge that to yourself.


Consciousness is a magnetic field that attracts similar energy to itself. A shift in consciousness can cause a change in the function of the brain, the glands, and the nervous system. Higher consciousness can even regenerate and heal the body, purify our thoughts, bring harmony into our lives and ensure a long life. Our health is dependent upon our consciousness as our cells are conscious. 


The way disease or illness manifests is that every organ or part of the body has a certain vibratory rate. Our thoughts have a certain frequency depending on their consciousness. The vibration of the thought form will be attracted to the organ or part of the body with the closest matching frequency and will cause health problems in that organ or part of the body, if thoughts are negative. For example, if you think you have no support in your life, you will have back problems because the spinal column supports the body.  


Many people believe their health or lack thereof, is due to heredity. When we understand that our consciousness affects our bodies, including our DNA, we can overcome what are believed to be genetic diseases. As part of our soul choices prior to birth, we choose the DNA or the medical conditions that may manifest in our lives that are compatible with what our souls need to learn.


As souls, we choose our family members and the lessons that are associated with certain health problems or illnesses. Before you become physically sick, there is always an imbalance in the energy field of the body. For example, if your family has a history of heart disease, you may worry that you will inherit heart problems. But heart disease is caused by an imbalance in the heart chakra, which is caused by a lack of love and acceptance of self and others.


Not only do we attract family members with certain DNA, we attract those with certain behavior patterns such as alcoholism. While alcoholism is not an inherited disease, but a choice people make because of insecurities. You will often see a pattern of alcoholism running from generation to generation. Some would say this is due to modeled behavior but I believe it repeats itself because family members have the same insecurities as their predecessors, which is why they attracted each other in the first place.


Our mates also reflect what we need to learn on a soul level. The mates we attract allow us to continue the relationship patterns we experienced growing up. We tend to attract a mate that is similar to the parent with which we have conflict. If you are like your dad in personality, you will choose someone like your mom, regardless of their sex, and vice versa. If we did not resolve our conflicts with our parents prior to leaving home, having partners with similar personality traits provides further opportunities to master those lessons. It is all about learning.


When we have problems in relationships, we need to ask ourselves “What do we need to learn from the relationship” rather than blaming others. If we fail to do this, we will repeat the same patterns with other people. Once you master your lesson, you will attract a people who more reflective your new level of understanding. 


Our abundance in life is a reflection of our consciousness, our thinking and the amount of self-love. A lack of abundance is an indication of poverty thinking and not believing we deserve to have all the goodies in life. We attract what we believe.


Even our spirit guides are determined by the Law of Attraction. Every soul is guided at every stage of its evolution by more advanced beings. The assistance provided is compatible with the soul’s level of understanding. For example, when we are in kindergarten, we have a teacher with a bachelor degree but when we go to university, we have a teacher with a PhD because with greater understanding, we require a teacher with higher qualifications.


Coincidences and synchronicities are another expression of the Law of Attraction in which the divine principle of magnetism draws people together in a way the logical mind cannot explain. There are no coincidences as everything is planned by our soul prior to incarnation even if we are unaware of this. Coincidences and synchronicities serve the purpose of focusing our attention or making us aware of some situation or event.


The law of attraction plays a role in determining the environment in which the soul will find itself upon passing. Souls wake up in a world of their own creation based on their beliefs. A person, who was only interested in pursuing material desires, will find themselves in poverty stricken surroundings. This environment is a reflection of their lack of interest in spiritual growth. Had they been interested in their spiritual development, they would find themselves in much nicer surroundings.


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Sharon Cheney 

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