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We have heard a lot of about sexual abuse in the news lately. When issues like this come to the surface, it is an opportunity to bring a practice that has been going on for many years into the public awareness for healing.


Sexual Abuse


I applaud all those women who have come forth so far and I am hopeful that others will join them. It takes a lot of courage to speak out against a person who you fear or holds power over your life and income. The unfortunate thing about sexual abuse is that the scars from it are very long lasting. It affects all your relationships throughout your life and leaves you feeling fearful, powerless and as if you don’t count.


Many women feel ashamed and don’t want to talk about their sexual abuse experiences. Some people, whether family members or friends may not believe you so you are left to carry the shame alone for the rest of your life. Sexual abuse often prevents you from forming trusting relationships with the opposite sex because of your past experiences.


The advantage to speaking out is that it takes a great deal of energy to keep negative emotions and fears submerged. Failure to express sexual traumas keeps you feeling like a victim, prevents finding resolution and reaching the stage of forgiveness. Speaking out allows you to feel empowered, break old patterns and provides a positive example for your children, for other people who have been abused and for woman everywhere.


Sexual abuse may take place in the sexual arena but it is always about the abuse of power. I believe men who feel disempowered abuse others because of their need to feel powerful and to have power over others in order to make themselves feel good. In their need for power, they are totally insensitive to the feelings of those they abuse and treat them as objects rather than people.


Men, in some societies have been trained that this is socially acceptable and feel entitled. When I hear some women in Alabama condoning Roy Moore’s behavior and continuing to support him for political office, I am shocked. Have women there been so conditioned to put up with such behavior that they feel they must support those who practice sexual abuse? When I hear some Republicans and even President Trump say it is better to have a pedophile in the senate than a Democrat, it makes me wonder if our society has any moral fiber left. I am glad this is in the news because this has gone on without public notice or punishment for too many years.


Sexual predators don’t just attack women, men have also been victims. Recently, many young men have come forward to report abuse in the music industry. In order to get their songs recorded by major studios they had to be willing to provide sexual favors. I am glad to see abusers being fired from their jobs and having their careers derailed because of their actions. Television and public personalities are very dependent on the public to make their careers a success, so it is good idea to speak out on social media and to write to the networks and companies involved and express your opinion.


Sexual abuse is very wide spread and is not limited to CEO’s, politicians or those in the entertainment industry. Sexual predators can often be your boss at work, the manager in the store or office where you work, or a family member or neighbor. People in positions of power at work may tell you that you must provide sexual favors in order to advance your career while relatives may tell you that in order to be loved, you must be comply with their wishes.  

Unfortunately, sexual abuse has long lasting effects on its victims. Family members often abuse you in the name of love leaving you with a distorted idea of what love is. This frequently results in choosing life partners who continue to abuse you just as your family members did as this if the only form of love you ever experienced.


When there are sexual predators in work situations, who have the power to fire you or advance your career, a lot of people choose to keep quiet about sexual harassment. Even women who report abuse and have received financial compensation, must sign non-disclosure agreements so the sexual abuser is never outed and is allowed to continue their abuse.


So what can you do about it in the face of such opposition? Train your children and those around you to be respectful of the needs and feelings of others. When someone steps on your feelings or does something you find invasive and offensive, you need to let them know right then. Don’t let it go as it will only fester inside you. You need to be in touch with your own feelings in order to know when your boundaries have been crossed. Often in our desire to be loved, we say nothing and put up with it when we should speak out and say no.


Often when we have had repeated abuse in our lives, we feel so depleted and worthless we start to believe this is all we deserve. This could not be further from the truth. We all deserve to be loved and treated with respect.  We are the ones who need to demand this rather than wait for someone to treat us properly.


I strongly sense there were be many more accusations of sexual abuse about people in positions of power regardless of their place in society. Of course, high profile people will get more media coverage but the hope is that this will filter down to bosses and store managers everywhere. We can only hope that the recent speaking out by many women is providing an opportunity for change and increased sensitivity towards the victims.


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