December 2019 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe holiday season.


Aside from the bad news were are bombarded with daily about natural disasters, climate change, corruption and world leaders abusing their power, the holiday season can bring additional stresses due to the extra things we need to do, changes in our routines, gift buying and added expenses, visiting family, travel or feeling alone. That is why it is so important to find ways to stay calm and grounded. 


Staying Calm and Grounded


While we may not be able to change world events, we can do something about remaining calm. If you are the sort who worries about pleasing others, making sure you have the perfect gift for everyone, how much money you are spending on gifts, whether your dinner will turn out perfect or that your guests get along well and enjoy themselves; all these may cause stress. You want to keep the holiday traditions alive for your children to experience, when many no longer care about tradition.


If you visit family for the holidays, there might be emotional upsets from family members, who being away from home, now have to abide by the rules in other people’s homes. If you have differing political opinions from family members, it may be frustrating to have to keep quiet or deal with resistance if you express your ideas. Even if we love our family members, spending a lot of time with them can sometimes be challenging and bring up old emotions and sibling rivalries. 


Many people get depressed if they are alone for the holidays because the media promotes the message that all families get together and are happy, when this is far from the truth. All of these situations can cause feelings of being overwhelmed or depressed.


Being stressed or ungrounded may cause you to feel dizzy, ill, sleepy, spaced out, have heart palpitations due to anxiety, experience static shocks, flickering eyes, and weight gain as you try to drink or eat away your stress. You may also be clumsy, forgetful, have increased sensitivity to noise and light, and day dream a lot, as a means of escape from your current reality. These symptoms can also be signs of physical conditions, so if in doubt or if they persist, check with your doctor.


The holidays can be a joyous time or they can be stressful depending on your attitude. It is wise to ask yourself “Is more important to make everything perfect or do what is best for your well-being?” The holidays will pass but will your stress? Remember that when you are stressed out, it also affects those around you and changes the atmosphere in the home.


Here are some things you can do to stay calm and grounded:


Breathe deeply and slowly for 4-5 minutes wherever stressed to calm down. That means breathing in deeply and slowly to the count of 5, in through your nose pushing your diaphragm down as far as it will go, holding your breathe for 5-10 seconds and then breathing out slowly through your mouth to the count of 5. Continue breathing this way until your mind is clear and you feel calm.


Walk or spend time in natural surroundings, preferably alone or with your pet, because engaging in conversation and maintaining relationships takes energy. Nature provides calming energy which is why people like to vacation near water or forests.


Meditate. Check in you with guidance what would be best for you to do. You can use the breathing technique above to calm your mind and access information coming from a non-tangible source.


Drink lots of water -at least 8-10 cups per day.


Eat healthy food, not sweets and alcohol. Eat red meat or more protein as that will ground you.  


Find time for yourself. If necessary go out alone or close the door to your room and ask not to be disturbed unless it is an emergency.


Do sports, exercise, yoga, tai chi, chi gong to release stress or excess energy.


Do gardening, if the season is right, as getting your hands into the earth is very calming. Flower arranging or other creative activities can be a substitute.


Visualize yourself connected to the earth by grounding cords that are coming from the base of your spine or feet and going down deep into the earth grounding you.


Acknowledge your feelings and express how you feel. Don’t keep everything locked up inside.


Be purposeful – this way getting things done will give you a sense of accomplishment instead of stressing over what you have yet to do.


Assess if your expectations are too high or if you are taking on too many responsibilities. Ask others to help you as they like to feel that they have something to contribute.


Plan ahead, to reduce the stress of doing everything at the last moment.


If you are alone during the holidays, you can volunteer at a soup kitchen or get together with groups in your community or on meetup so as not to be alone.


Remember not everything has to be perfect. Even if everything gets done and looks good but you are exhausted, that is not good result. Remember, when you are relaxed and enjoying yourself, everyone will be too.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney  





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