November 2015 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Firstly I would like to wish you a happy healthy and joyous Thanks Giving.         


Many people are looking for passion in their lives because they are bored or unhappy with their current job, relationship, financial situation and so on. They believe if they could find their passion life would be so much more exciting and worthwhile.


Finding Your Passion  


There are three steps to finding your passion: Intention, Attention and No Tension.


Intention requires that you figure out what you are passionate about. You have to have a goal or desire before anything can manifest consciously. This can be anything you want to create like your own business, a new love in your life, a new home or a new job.  There are no restrictions.


If you want to fulfill your life purpose, you must realize we all have gifts to share. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to share them, have your abilities acknowledged and even get paid for them. Following a path that gives you joy is a blessing in and of itself.


If there is nothing you are passionate about, this may require your sitting down quietly with yourself and asking yourself what gives you joy, what you like doing, what you is your life purpose, what are your personal goals, what would you like to change or manifest in your life. Having an intention is essential otherwise it is like driving blind.

Your intention acts like a map keeping you focused. You can have more than one intention but it is best to focus on one at a time. Having an intention is the first step. It does not mean that what you wish to accomplish will manifest instantly. But as long as you maintain


The second step requires you place attention on what is going right in achieving your goals rather than on what is not. Too often we tend to focus on what we don’t have rather than on what we have. We fail to acknowledge our accomplishments and successes and focus instead on our failures or what is lacking. So it is up to you to monitor your thoughts and make sure they are positive. This is important because our thoughts create our reality and focusing on what you don’t have only creates more of the same.


The third step is having no tension about what you wish to manifest. You set your intention, you remain positive and you wait for it to manifest. To aid in this step, you can create a picture in your mind where you see your goal coming into realization. For example, if you are looking for a new house, see yourself finding a house that meets all your requirements.


This step requires that you trust that your intention has been heard by the powers that be and will manifest as you desire at the perfect time. You must pay attention to WHAT and not HOW it will manifest. Too often we tell ourselves that it cannot have what we desire because of time, money or other obstacles we believe are standing in our way. The more you focus on why it cannot happen the less likely you are to manifest your goals because your thoughts create your reality.


When you go into a restaurant and you order a meal, you don’t worry if you will receive the food you ordered. You trust the waitress will bring you the meal you requested. The same holds true here. You need to trust that what you want will show up. If you hold beliefs such as you don’t deserve to have what you want or cannot succeed in getting what you want then these may be something you need to work on.

When we know what we want, we often get caught up spending time trying to make it happen and then are disappointed when it doesn’t. Then we stop trying and tell ourselves we are unlucky or we can never get what we want.


Step three requires you let the universe support you and trust that you deserve to have what you want. Don’t try to make it happen, let it manifest on its own. All you need to do is remain positive and focused on what you want.  

With so much unhappiness in the world I would think following these simple steps to making your life better would be something everyone would want to do especially since it doesn’t cost anything. Keeping your thoughts positive will decrease your stress and make you feel better, so there is nothing to lose.  


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance. Blessings to you all.


Sharon Cheney

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