April 2012 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

This week we celebrate Easter and the start of Passover. Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ and the beginning of the journey to the Promise Land for Jews. Both represent new beginnings. With each new beginning, we have a choice of how we want to go forward into the future. Do we want to move ahead in harmony and peace or with fear and in trepidation? With new energy of 2012, many are finding it difficult to maintain balance and harmony in their lives.


Creating Harmony in Your Life


So what do we need to do to achieve harmony? A wise place to start is to ask yourself what is creating disharmony in your life. Are you willing to make the changes necessary to rid yourself of this disharmony whether that means bringing some relationships to an end, moving, changing jobs, creating new boundaries or owning your power?


Before we can change anything we have to take responsibility for the part we played in the creation of any situation or relationship and the choices we made. While it easy to blame others and make it all their fault, the truth is we each played a role in whatever occurred. Because we can’t change anything we own it, the first step is in understanding how and what we contributed. When we take responsibility for our part, we can then decide what to we want to do to change or improve it.


Anyone who has caused you pain or hurt you in your life is there for your learning. As a soul you asked him or her to participate in the drama you are experiencing for your learning. So maybe thanks and forgiveness are in order instead of blame and anger?


How can we know what needs to be changed? By the way we feel inside. If you walk away from any encounter with anyone feeling upset and this includes family members, then there is problem that needs addressing. So we must pay attention to how we feel all the time and not disregard our feelings as they are our best barometer of what needs changing in our life.


The new energy of 2012 is making people much more sensitive. Things that you might not have noticed or let pass by before seem to be magnified both emotionally and mentally. This is another reason to address matters as they come up so as not to allow them to disturb your inner harmony.


When we are at peace within ourselves, other people’s behavior will not disturb us. We may not like what they do or say, but they will not have the power to disrupt our internal harmony unless we let them. After all we are in charge of our thoughts and feelings and how we choose to react to any situation. If we fail to admit this to ourselves then we will see ourselves as victims of life, which we are not. If you see yourself as a victim then you are not owning your power or realizing you are in the driver’s seat about how you choose to respond to any encounter.


Many people are afraid to own their power fully or to recognize that they are highly evolved souls. They may have been conditioned through their upbringing to do what they are told whether this felt right to them or not. In order to have harmony in your life, you must be willing to own your power fully and do what feels right to you rather than what others say you should. As long as you feel good about your choices, that is all that should concern you. What others think of your behavior is their problem not yours.


So the next step is deciding what is right for you based on how to you feel. Of course using your intuition to aid you can be a great help. Everyone’s intuition is opening more now because of the higher energy on the planet so this should not be difficult. Of course the big problem is being able to trust what you receive especially if it happens to be in conflict with what your mind is telling you or your old habitual patterns. This may require some practice but if experience has taught me anything, it is to trust my intuition.


Spending time in nature is a good place to help you make the best choices as nature is generally calming providing is it not storming outside. Find a place in nature where you feel peaceful and go there to distress or make decisions. Nature is more than willing to absorb our stress and convert it into peaceful energy. It is probably a good idea to meditate while you are in nature. To do that, find a quiet spot away from others where you will not be disturbed.


If nature is not your thing, then create a place in your home that says relaxation to you. Put flowers, plants or crystals there and decorate it as you would like. You can create an alter where you can put your favorite possessions. Even if you live with others, create some place in your home where you can feel totally relaxed.


Pay attention to how you feel around friends and family members. If they disturb your equilibrium then you may need to decide to spend less time in their company. I know this is difficult for many to do but is it more beneficial to let them upset you? You must say what your boundaries are and how you feel as well as what you want. Even if they are disinterested, it is still important to say how you feel and what you plan to do in response to their behavior. Then it is up to you to stick to your guns because if you don’t, they certainly will not change anything. These steps will bring you self-respect and respect from them, even if they don’t like the changes you are making.


Also notice why you are in some relationships? Is it by preference or because you think you cannot live without this person in your life? If it is the second, then perhaps you should ask yourself why this is so. Have you become dependent on them? Dependent relationships usurp our personal power because we are always reliant on others to fulfill our needs. If they fail to fulfill our needs, then we are left wanting and feeling out of balance.


Creating inner harmony is our responsibility and no one else’s. After all, when you feel upset, does someone else get a headache, backache or stomach ache or are you the one who feels the upset in your body? If you don’t love yourself enough to honor how you feel and what your body wants, then I can assure no one else will either.


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May your life be filled with love, peace and abundance. 
Blessings to you all. 

Sharon Cheney

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