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Dear Friends,

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season and a happy new year. As the holidays approach, be mindful of others and give generously to those less fortunate. Every time we are approached by someone wanting a donation or a handout, it is a test of our generosity. Remember it is a universal law that what we give out comes back in multiples.


As the 2006 draws to a close and the New Year approaches, it is often a time when people like to take stock of their lives and plan for the coming year. I would be happy to help you do this by using my gifts of intuition. While a reading is good any time of year, the beginning of the year is a perfect time to learn what lies ahead. Gift certificates are available if you would like to give the gift of knowing to friends or family. Anytime you book one or more readings between now and January 31, 2007, you will receive One Free $10.00 CD Meditation sent to you online.  So don’t wait, book your reading today!


It’s Transition Time


I don’t know about you, but I have felt rather odd of late. It feels sometimes like my life is in a void and no matter what I try to do to make things turn out as I would like, doesn’t seem to work. I have now come to the conclusion that I must surrender my will and accept things as they are for the time being. My intuition tells me that the more willing I am to do this, the faster I will arrive at a new state of consciousness awareness.


Now this may not be exactly how you are experiencing things but from talking with many people of late, everyone’s life seems to be in transition. Things are changing whether we would like them to or not. While this shift in energy is not new as it has been shifting for some time, it seems to be increasing now and may continue to do so for some time. Of course, the impact will vary from person to person depending on where you are in your evolution.


There are different ways people will experience this shift in energy. Some people will have relationship break down which will cause heartache for some and relief for others. Others may experience this shift in the area of work as job losses, job insecurity or difficulties with co-workers.


Some people may experience this time of transition by having a health crisis. A health crisis sometimes forces us to slow down or stop what we are doing. If we use the health crisis as a time out to consider our lives and what we have been doing, it can become a learning experience.


It is most likely that you will experience this shift in energy in an area of your life where your issues lie. For example, if you have financial issues, you may have difficulties with work or financial losses. If you have acceptance issues, it may show up as difficult people or people doing things you find difficult to accept. If you have love issues, it will show up in your personal relationships.


Some may experience this transition as a feeling that they should stop doing what they have been doing and go in a different direction. Perhaps something they always wanted to do but felt was unattainable. They may find a deeper meaning in their daily interactions and experiences. For some, it may require that they pay more attention and trust their intuition.


Some people may experience this transition as having increased sensitivity to negative people, toxicity, the environment, the plight of others, or anything else. In my own life, I find that I have become very sensitive to any form of toxicity in the air. I immediately get a headache when I am in a place where the air is not clean. Sometimes I experience this discomfort while others around me do not, but I do not discount my experience just because it is not confirmed by others and neither should you. Honor whatever is happening to you or whatever you are feeling and don’t tell yourself you are imagining it. 


Many people have predicted this time of transition and it really is upon us. We can no longer shove things under the rug and hope they will go away because we don’t want to deal with them. Now, if we don’t address our issues, they will just keep hitting us in the face until we address them. We really must deal with our issues because we cannot advance to the next level of our evolution without doing so. Just imagine trying to climb a steep mountain with a lot of baggage on your back. That is exactly what we are doing when we try to go forward without dealing with our issues. All we are just creating more struggle for ourselves.


So to help yourself move through this transition time most easily, I suggest that you examine what has been going on in your life for about the past 4 to 6 months. Have you had any strange feelings or felt differently of late? Have you been out of sorts? Have you felt like you are not in control? Pay attention to how you are feeling when you are around others or how you feel doing the things you usually do? This is an important step because you will not change what you refuse to recognize or accept about yourself and your life.


Recognition is the first step. Once you have recognized these new feelings or changes in perception make a plan to incorporate these changes into your life. It does not matter if you do not change everything at once. Start with what is easiest for you. Go slowly at a pace that is comfortable for you. If you are going too quickly or too slowly, your life experiences and feelings will let you know. So listen within and be observant of what is going on around you and in your relationships.


The good news is that this time of transition will not last forever. Unfortunately, I cannot give you an exact date when it started or when it will end. It is an on going process that some believe will be complete by December 2012. Our personal future is determined by our thoughts and actions and the future of the world is a result of all the thoughts and actions of all the inhabitants on this planet. So if everyone does their part by dealing with our own issues, the planet Earth will be a better place to live.


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Happy Holidays

Sharon Cheney

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