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Dear Friends,

In my last newsletter I spoke about the transformation we are undergoing. I would like to provide some explanation of why this is occurring and show how the universal law of As Above, So Below is really at work here. Understanding how this law works, will help explain the heart opening that many are experiencing now.


Heart Opening


Women give birth so it is only natural that they should be called up to birth our new consciousness. The Dali lama once said it will be the women of the west who will birth our new consciousness. Set in circle with other women listen to them Share with them, learn to own your power  become a divine being of light and use the strength and support of the circle to go out into the world with love and compassion  and acceptance.


Men should sit in circles as well but preferably not with women because when men and women sit together there is always an under current of sexual energy that distracts from the original purpose of the group.


You have probably heard about the increasing amount of solar flares that our sun has been producing since the year 2000. I am sure many of you remember the huge power outage that left people without power for up to six weeks in Quebec and Ontario in 1998. Scientists now know this electrical outage was caused by solar flares. So if you have any doubt these flares are impacting us, better think again. Unfortunately they are only getting worst and one shutter’s to think of the damage they could cause to electronics around the globe.


We also hear a lot about global warming. According to scientists, all the planets in our solar system are warming up not just planet Earth. So unless aliens are driving around in cars that give off carbon dioxide emissions, I don’t think global warming is due to our driving gasoline fueled cars. While it is true these emissions are polluting our planet and we should find better ways to lower our carbon blueprint, gas guzzling vehicles are not the real cause of global warming.


Lots of people are talking about 2012 these days. According to the Maya, what will occur on December 21, 2012 is that our sun will align with the center of the galaxy in the sign of Sagittarius. Now it may be possible that our planet and the rest of the planets in our solar system are warming up because of this alignment.


Scientists also report that the magnetic field around out planet has been decreasing for the last 2000 years and is now at its lowest level ever. This apparently happens prior to a pole shift and has happened many times in the past and we are still here to speak about it so I don’t believe this heralds the end of the world.


I recently watched the documentary called “The Living Matrix” in which medical researchers and healers from many countries were interviewed. Some of the researchers were Eric Pearl, Rupert Sheldrake, Edgar Mitchell, James Oschman, and Peter Fraser just to name a few. I strongly recommend watching this video as it combines the newest research in quantum physics with what is happening in our bodies.


What I learnt was that the body has an electro/magnetic field around it which you can call the aura or morphogenic field. The heart through its pumping action is creating pressure waves which impact this field and the field also picks up impressions that impact the heart. For example, have you ever felt or sensed something before it actually registered in your brain? This is because the heart is the first organ to receive impressions from this morphogenic field.


These researchers also discovered that the heart is made up of neuronal cells very similar to what we find in the brain. So what they are suggesting is that the heart picks up information from the outer field, processes that information through its neuronal cells and then sends the messages to the brai, who then processes the information and instructs our muscles to act.


So you are probably wondering what these changes in our solar system have to do with this new research. Here is where the law of As Above, So Below comes into play. If our bodies are a microcosm or a reflection of what is happening on a greater scale on our planet and solar system as this law suggests, then the field surrounding our heart is impacting us just as these powerful solar flares are impacting our planet. If you can believe this model, then the idea that our brain runs our lives looses some merit.


We are all one and all interconnected as many spiritual disciplines teach. We are in constant communication with each another at all times whether we are aware of this consciously or not. This is what this most recent research is indicating; that we are not separate or immune from the field of consciousness around us. Many people tell me they are already sensitive to earthquakes, volcanoes or other disasters and can feel them coming prior to their happening because they are tuned into this field which is loaded with all information.


Quantum Physicists have proved these phenomena to be true. They noticed when a scientist tried to observe the interaction of two minute particles his presence affected what was happening. This tells us that in spite of the fact that we may feel separate from others, we are not. We cannot really remove ourselves from the consciousness of all that is that exists..


So how does this affect us individually? If you can agree with the above, then our hearts are responding to changes in the field around us in every second. This field of consciousness is influenced by the thoughts and feelings of every living being on this planet, including our own. So in order to function at maximum awareness we need to be listening with our hearts and not our heads.


To prove this to yourself, when you are in a room with a lot of negative-minded people, notice if you sense that even if they do not express their views? I believe you would. I know I would certainly feel that. This is your heart picking up impression from the field around you. In response to these impressions, you would have a choice to stay or to leave.


My point in all of this is that if our heart is feeding us information about what is happening in every moment, then we need to listen and be present in every moment. We need to listen with our hearts and stop filtering reality with old programming. We need to operate in the world in a totally different way. We can no longer allow the media to interpret reality for us, which is most often fear based. We would quickly learn that we are capable of interpreting reality for ourselves and that there is nothing to fear. We would come to understand that we can shift our reality and global consciousness by intending what we want to create. This would be the outcome of listening with our hearts and creating from our hearts.


The more we allow input from our heart center, the more powerful our intuition will become, because the more you use it the better it gets. In time, we would learn to trust this method of receiving information and would find that it proves to be pretty accurate. If you have a trust issue and need confirmation of what you receive, you can try asking others. You may or may not receive confirmation of your impressions either because they are not listening with their hearts or the input they receive is being colored by their belief system, which may not open to change.


When we listen with our hearts, we will develop more compassion for others and will loose a “them and us“ mentality. When someone on the street asks you for money or you watch a cry for help on TV for those less fortunate, how do you respond? Do you listen with your head and say that’s not my problem or do you listen with your heart? Remember we are all connected in consciousness. When you deny a cry for help from someone else, you deny a cry for help within yourself. The outer and inner are always in relationship with one another. 


In summary, this is what we can expect with the transformation we are undergoing.  We will experience shifts in our thinking and perception. We may prefer or need to spend time alone as we become more sensitive to other people’s energy or because we need time to reflect and make our inner changes which will later manifest in the physical world around us. Telepathy will be a normal method of communication and our psychic abilities will develop whether we try to improve them or not. We will realize we are powerful manifestors of reality. When we are living in the moment and in tune with All That Is, our thoughts and desires will manifest almost immediately so be sure to be clear on what you really want.


Remember love and acceptance are the most powerful healing emotions anyone can have so practice this in your interactions with yourself and others and let go of all judgments and negative emotions as they will only cloud the input from your heart center..


We are in a process of tremendous change that I am sure every one of you is experiencing in some form in your life. I want to support and help in your transformation so if you need any help, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone and Skype readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing by either by responding to this newsletter, clicking on www.sharoncheney.com or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451. 


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Sharon Cheney

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