September 2020 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

Many people feel fearful as the pandemic continues to restrict us. It is important to realize that you are not powerless and can impact what happens in your life. What you need to do is decide what you want and ask for it to manifest. 


The Law of Help


The Law of Help is also known as Ask and You Will Receive. This law works because in the spiritual realms a more advanced entity is required to help a less advanced being if the latter requests it. This law is in effect throughout the universe and is even mentioned in bible. 


Although you may feel alone at times, you are always surrounded by angels and guides, whose only desire is to help you. Our angels and guides have made a contract with us to assist us throughout our lifetime. They do this to be in service as that is how they can advance their soul growth. Your job is to ask for their help and trust that you will receive it. Failure to do so will impede their soul advancement and you not receiving the help you need.


Asking for help or for what you want allows other people, aside from your guides, to be in service to you, which assists their soul evolution. These are opportunities that should not be missed. In addition, each time you assist another, you get karmic bonus point on your soul record that can be redeemed for miracles when you have enough points, just like frequent flyer points.


Cries for help never go unheard or unanswered. We need to trust that God has heard our prayers and wishes and that they will be answered at the perfect time in the most appropriate manner for our highest good. So ask for what you want and leave the details up to God. Don’t be a nag. We often get caught up in the how and when is it going to happen because we lack a basic trust that God will deliver and that He knows what is best for us.


Remember that ordering what you want from the universe is the same thing as ordering a sandwich in the restaurant. When you ask the waitress for a cheese sandwich, you don’t worry if they have the know-how or the ingredients. Unless the waitress tells you they are out of bread and cheese you trust to get your sandwich as ordered.


It works exactly the same way when you order up from the universe. Put in your order and just wait for it to come. If it does not come as expected, ask yourself if you have any negative thoughts about receiving, or if this is the perfect time to have that wish fulfilled? If you want to manifest the exact way in which you want it to arrive, help the universe out but by visualizing how you would like that to look. Also ask if your desire is for your highest good or soul and when would be the perfect time to receive your desires. 


Unfortunately, many people do not ask for help because they don’t believe they will get it. This can be based on previous experiences in their life or that they don’t love themselves enough to be open to receiving it. They may tell themselves I asked for something and it never came so asking won’t help. They continue this negative thinking without ever clarifying through meditation why it didn’t happen or if there is something else that needs to change in order to manifest their desires or when the perfect timing would occur. They may also suffer from a lack of trust.


Your thoughts create your reality, so pay attention to your thoughts. If you believe you won’t get what you ask for or your prayers won’t be answered, you are decreasing the possibilities of receiving what you want. You may tell yourself that you are unlucky, that there is no God or that that no one cares or is listening. It is better to think your prayers will be answered.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney  

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