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Sharon Cheney is an accurate psychic medium, relationship counselor, healer, teacher and author. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, she has studied in both Canada and United States. Psychic since childhood, Sharon’s gifts have been further developed through her education in the metaphysical and academic fields.


Sharon Cheney holds a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Social Science, a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and is an ordained Minister with the Priests of Melchizedek since 1994. In addition to her extensive training in holistic therapies, she is a trained Hypnotherapist and an internationally recognized artist and author. The combination of her abilities, education and her sincere desire to help people, make her a very special lady.


In October of 2010, she unexpectedly had a heart opening that is difficult to describe. At that time, she suddenly became extremely sensitive to everyone’s feelings and felt a deep love and connection to all. This heart opening experience helped her to be more vulnerable and discover the power that love can bring.From her experience, she realized how everything we say and do impacts others instantly.


This resulted in her being more compassionate, loving and appreciative, not only herself, but others as well. Through loving herself, she realized she could help people to love and accept themselves and others more and help them on their journey to self-empowerment. By becoming more aware of her own power, she is able to share love, compassion and appreciation with others. She knew from that point on that her purpose was not just to help people as she had been doing, but to embody love and help others to love themselves and others.


She believed that by doing so, it would increase the consciousness and joy of individuals and help the planet evolve. Through loving and fully accepting herself, she realized she could teach others to open their hearts and let love flow to themselves and others by being more accepting and supportive of where they were on their journey of self-love and empowerment. 


Sharon says the question she is most frequently asked is "When did she first realize she was psychic?" Unfortunately, she cannot remember the exact age at which her psychic gifts became apparent, but she does remember is speaking with her spirit guides from a very early age and always feeling protected by them. Growing up, she believed the psychic impressions she had were the same that others experienced. It was only as she grew up and her friends affectionately called her "crazy" did she realized that her perceptions were quite different.


Today, Sharon realizes that her intuitive and creative abilities are wonderful gifts that enable her to provide insights and help others to better their lives. Communicating with the spirit world allows her to provide comfort and share messages with those who have lost loved ones. It gives her great joy to be in service to others, helping them find self-empowerment, joy, self-love and a new direction in their lives.


Sharon is a very old soul with millions of past lives on Earth and other star systems and galaxies. She has spent many lifetimes trying to awaken people to their true soul nature as powerful beings in the hope that it will better their lives and help in the evolution of consciousness on this planet. Sometimes she has been successful in realizing her goal, but in many lives she was persecuted for her efforts. Today she is happy to share her wisdom with those who are open minded.


Sharon believes we can learn from every experience and relationship we have. As souls, prior to incarnation, we chose our parents, the people we will encounter and the experiences we will have, even negative ones, as these can turn out to be our greatest teachers. Sometimes life's lessons are difficult to accept, but it is the struggle towards personal growth that makes us stronger, wiser, and able to love and accept ourselves and others as the truly magnificent multi-dimensional beings that we are.


Sharon truly believes that every person has the potential to overcome life's challenges and to fulfill their life purpose, if they desire. This can best be accomplished by accessing their inner wisdom, believing that God is there for each and every one of us and that we are truly never alone.


Sharon has continued to learn and grow because no matter how much wisdom we have there is always more to learn and perfect. That is really why we incarnate. She believes we teach best the lessons we have mastered. Having mastered self-empowerment and self-love, she is happy to share this valuable knowledge with others.



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