March 2006 Knowledge Newsletter


Hello Everyone,

Spring is finally here or at least it feels that way where I am. Some of you in the northern climes may still be experiencing winter conditions. We had a very mild winter in Santa Fe with sunshine every day and temperatures in the 50 - 60’s. The downside is that we had no rain or snow for over four months and now there is threat of forest fires, and we will certainly experience water shortages this summer. Well I guess everything is as it is supposed to be. 


I have finally finished editing my new book Your Soul: The Roadmap to your Life and it is being proof read for the very last time. I have discovered that writing is not for the light hearted. It is an enormous amount of work and is very time consuming with no guarantees of success. Writing involves trusting that the universe will support your efforts. I am currently searching for a publisher, so of any of you have any suggestions they would be most welcome.


Planetary Play Day

Did you know that April 1st was Planetary Play Day and it was celebrated by everybody around the world joining together in laughter at exactly 6:00 pm Greenwich time in England? Greenwich Time is five hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time. Laughter has a higher frequency and it will help raise your vibration and the vibration of the plan. Of course, laughter is good at any time of the year. So lighten up and help raise the frequency of the planet.  


Online Classes and Meditation CD’s

Some of you have remarked that you are sorry that I am no longer teaching in schools in your area. If you wish to take any of my classes, I have eleven of them online. Most of them have the same meditations you would receive if you were in a personal class. The only difference is that now the meditations are on voice files and you can access them with the click of your mouse. I also have a variety of meditations available to contact your angels, spirit guides, and departed ones, as well as journey back to past lives. Other CD’s can help you heal your body, resolve your issues, and forgive all that need to be forgiven. To purchase any of these classes or CD’s, please go to my website  


There has been a shift in the energy as the planet moves into 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness. There was an influx of energy about the third week of January and we can expect another influx about April 22. How appropriate since that is Earth Day. I was wondering if any of you have felt the impact of this new energy. From speaking with many people here, they have reported experiencing some temporary physical symptoms like fatigue, stomach upset, and so on, while others had old issues come up that they had not resolved.


Issues will come up as we try to raise our energy. This is necessary because our unresolved issues act like a heavy weight on our backs. Have you ever tried climbing a mountain with a heavy pack on your back? This is exactly the same thing that happens when we try to raise our vibration and we are still holding onto negativity and old patterning. So if your issues have come up, this is a good sign that you are evolving, even if you experience some unpleasant moments.


A Meditation to Clear Your Issues


To help you deal with any old issues you have experienced lately, I am enclosing this mediation. Find yourself a comfortable place to sit where you will not be disturbed. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply through your nose to the count of five, hold your breath a few seconds, and then breathe out slowly to the count of five through your mouth. As you continue to breathe slowly and deeply, see all your thoughts, feelings, worries of the day drifting away like a cloud in the sky. If you have difficulty to let go, you can put all your concerns of the day into a container of your own imagination. I assure you they will be safe. Now continue to breathe deeply and slowly until your mind is fully relaxed.


Imagine yourself in some place where you feel totally relaxed such as your home, garden, or in nature. It could be any place where you feel safe and secure, and where you have complete privacy.


Imagine there is a magic mirror in front of you which has the ability to reflect back to you any negative thoughts, emotions or actions that are hidden inside of you. If there is anything you are afraid to see, say I cannot face these feelings today but will do so at a later date.  


You may see pictures of past events where you were unhappy with your behavior or responses, with how people treated you, or with how your life unfolded. Think back to any relationships or situations where you were not pleased with the outcome or how you responded. These can include areas of your life like your relationships to your children, partners, family, career, friends, finances, and so on. Take a moment to concentrate and remember any incidences in relation to these people or situations.


If you cannot see images in the mirror or your mind, you may have thoughts popping into your head, or feel sensations in your body. If you are unclear about what these mean, be sure to ask your guidance. All forms of communication are valid as there is no special way to do it. Just trust what you receive.


As these memories come up, pay attention to how you feel. Do you still feel angry, hurt, resentful, judgmental, jealous, and so on? Focus on those emotions and their underlying causes. Ask yourself if you still feel that way today? Try to look at each life experience as a learning opportunity and ask yourself what did you learn or fail to learn from each situation?


If you feel you did not learn anything, then it is best to revisit the situation to see what learning opportunities you missed. It may be something about yourself that you refused to admit or accept. If you continue to blame others for your misfortunes or bad luck, then you are not learning from your experiences. If you are still unclear about what you need to learn from your experiences, you can ask your guidance.


To clear yourself of any negative thoughts, emotions, or actions say “I let go of _______ right now” and see or feel them leaving your body, leaving you feeling totally relaxed and at peace. You will need to do this for every negative thought and emotion that comes up. If you are unable to clear all your negative thoughts and emotions today, you can say this whenever they come up.


Now imagine you are facing the same circumstances today, ask yourself how would you respond to them? Would you respond as you did in the past or would you react differently? The best way to confirm your inner changes is to look at what current situations in your life today and notice if your attitudes and responses to people, places, things have changed and what was caused this change?


Now compare your life today to the way it used to be. See if there are any changes in your life like a new love, increased wealth, improved health, less stress and more peaceful relations with others? Has anything changed in your life and what caused these changes?


If you cannot see any changes, visualize your life the way you would like it to be. Imagine yourself in old situations but responding differently, and pay attention to how good that feels.


Now I would like you to bring your attention back into the place where you are and open your eyes knowing that you have made great strides in recognizing and ridding yourself of old patterning and how you respond to life experiences.


Your life lesson will repeatedly show up in your life. You know you are progressing when you can identify your lessons in the daily situations you encounter and can now handle these difficult situations with new responses and not with old patterning. This is your best assurance that you are evolving. 


Blessings to all,

Sharon Cheney

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