March 2009 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

As the economy continues its downward spiral causing    great hardship for many, we need to realize that we always have choices in how we respond to external events.




It may feel at times as if we are powerless to change what is happening in the world. It seems like the world is going crazy and everything we counted on is no longer a certainty. While we may not be able to control world events, we certainly have the power to control our thoughts, actions and decisions on how to cope with the current economic recession, earth changes, personal crisis’s and other things.


With every new thought, we have the opportunity to make a new choice. We are responsible for our choices just as we are responsible for what we create in our lives. Now there may be some of you who believe in fate and that God determines what happens to us and therefore we need to take no responsibility for what happens in our lives.


I believe our thoughts create our realities and since we are the only ones living in our bodies, we determine what happens to us. It is not to say God has no role to play, but I don’t believe He or She interferes greatly in our daily lives or will save us from the current situation.


If you can subscribe to this belief, if only temporarily, you will realize what a powerful person you truly are. Not only do you create your personal reality and the reality that is shared between you, your family members and loved ones, but you partake in creating the reality of your community, workplace, sex, country, and the world. We are powerful beings, not helpless creatures, who are being blown about by the winds of fate.


You may wonder how we create our realities. Every time you agree with a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker or a loved one, you are adding to the creation of a belief system or a collective reality in which you share. The more people, who subscribe to this belief system the more powerful that reality becomes.


Let’s take the current economic situation as an example. When President Bush initially gave out those stimulus funds to banks and other financial institutions and the money got used to reward upper management to the tune of millions of dollars, what happened? We developed a collective belief that banks and other financial institutions could no longer be trusted. Tax payers felt they had been taken advantage of and rightly so. Part of the reason the economy is not responding as quickly as it might is because of this current reality of mistrust and its spin offs in the general economy.


What if we held another belief collectively? This is not to say that the upper echelons of management were correct in what they did and should be forgiven. I personally feel they should be held accountable. What I am suggesting is a change in our collective belief, an understanding that we have the power to turn this economy around by changing our beliefs. We have the power through our collective energy to bring prosperity back to this country and the world.


We can do this by choosing to support Obama’s initiatives to create jobs and improve the economy instead of listening to the media that criticize him for not getting the economy going in less than two months of stewardship. He did not create the problem, he inherited it. Whatever your political beliefs, he cannot succeed unless the there is a change in the consensus reality. We have to understand that we have the power to turn this around and not expect him to improve the situation single handedly. Yes, it is true individual tax payers are not the ones who make the laws but collectively as a group we have tremendous power to influence what happens.


Did we not sit by passively by while President Bush put the United States into debt? What was the consensus reality then? Many believed that as long as our investments were doing well, we said nothing. As long as our jobs were not in peril, there was no action needed. So who is to blame for the economic situation we are in? Should we blame Mr. Bush, should we blame the banks and investments houses for the prime mortgage scams? Should we blame ourselves for being complacent? Should we blame President Obama for not being able to perform miracles when half the congress members will not support his efforts?


Reality is collectively conceived so what part are we taking responsibility for? There are many who have lost a lot of money on the markets and whose futures are now if jeopardy. They are unhappy and blaming President Obama for not being able to make their worries and discomforts go away immediately instead of supporting his efforts and doing something about their own belief systems.


Want to know how powerful we are collectively? Did we not convey to the banks and other financial institutions how we feel about their irresponsible behavior by stopping spending and by having no confidence in the economy? In spite of the actions of a few large financial institutions, who certainly have acted irresponsibly and have only been concerned with their own future, do we want to continue penalizing all the other little folks who are paying the price? Let’s do our part by not only visualizing a prosperous economy, but by going out and supporting local business to the extent that we can.   


Just imagine if everyone spent one minute each day thinking positively about the economy what would happen? What if each of us visualized or held a belief that  we are powerful creators and could create the reality that we want in our lives instead of feeling depressed and powerless? We all have a choice. What we need to do now is change our thoughts about our personal future and the future of the planet. Let’s imagine a financial recovery taking place within the next few months instead of years.      


You may think this is a bunch of rubbish but the universal law Ask and You Will Receive is spoken about in many religions. So this is not anything new age. Since it doesn’t cost you anything to try to visualize the economy recovering, your life getting better, your manifesting whatever you desire to happen, why not give it a try? If you persist in being a non believer in this law and continue to hold an attitude of doom and gloom that is the reality that you will manifest.


I, along with many others, believe that this economic correction has been coming for a long time. Unfortunately, few people did anything in preparation. We expected things would continue as they were or were hopeful they would get better when the nature of reality is that things are always in a constant state of change. What goes up comes down and vise versa. This is another natural law. We have to understand we are part of a universe that has laws that continue to apply whether we are aware of them of not. In my book Your Soul: The Roadmap to Your Life I explain what these laws are and how they impact our lives. We are all connected to one another whether we can see these connections or not


I feel we should all look upon this economic down turn as an opportunity to take another look at our lives and ask ourselves “What do we really want for ourselves and for the world?” If you have lost your job, is there something you always wanted to do but never pursued because you didn’t want to give up your security? Perhaps your current loses are presenting you with an opportunity for change. I believe what is happening is forcing people to take another look at their lives. To let go of what is not working for them and go back to the drawing board. It is requiring each of us to make adjustments in our lifestyles, to re-evaluate what we really want and decide what is really important to us.


Many people call me daily asking about their life purpose, their financial future, and how to cope with the changes occurring in their lives. I see this economic recession is forcing many people to consider new options because they have no choice. It is making them think and act differently, which I feel is a good thing but not easy to do.


I hope this newsletter has provided food for thought. If you need any help to recognize beliefs that need to be addressed or need new ideas on how to bring about change in your life, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal and telephone readings, empowerment coaching, regressions, and healing either by responding to this newsletter or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.I am now offering readings and coaching via Skype, so call for your appointment today. 


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Sharon Cheney

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