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Dear Friends,

Many people ask themselves “Why is this happening to me?” or “What have I done to deserve this?” when faced with difficulties in their lives. These and other such difficult questions can only be answered by looking at life from the perspective of the soul. Your soul choses the people you will meet in your life, your life circumstances and the challenges you will face prior to incarnation. Unfortunately, at incarnation we forget the plan and are then surprised when challenges arise.


Answering Life’s Difficult Questions


You need to think of the soul as a ball of living energy that contains everything you have ever thought, felt or done in any lifetime. The soul grows in wisdom as the experiences and learning of many lifetimes are added to it. An old soul is one who has had many lifetimes, whereas a wise soul may or may not have had as many lifetimes, but has accumulated much learning from each lifetime.


To better explain this, imagine a person that is only focused on getting rich to the exclusion of all else, versus a person who is loving and helps others. Being loving benefits their soul as well as helping others. This is not to say that making money is wrong or bad, it depends why you are doing it and if you plan on being generous with your wealth.


In planning a future life, the soul determines things like your soul purpose, any karma to be discharged, and what lesson is most important for you to learn based on your past experiences. It determines that you may need to learn forgiveness, self-love, trust, how to deal with loss, and so on. Every soul must master each lesson in order to move beyond reincarnation on Earth. The personality will have many lifetimes trying to master each lesson until it is mastered. Then the soul moves onto the next lesson, just as in school where you cannot graduate to the next grade until you completed the earlier one.


To best help you master your lesson, the soul choses your sex, physical body type, your health, personality characteristics, where you will be born, all the people you will encounter in that lifetime, the nature of your relationships, your status in society, as well as family members and friends, who are other souls who need to learn the same lesson as you do. These decisions are based on experiences of past lives that are recorded on your soul. Nothing happens by chance.


If you do not like your family members or other circumstances in your life, remember these were chosen with your agreement for your learning. So when challenges arise in your life, instead of feeling like a victim or as if you don’t deserve what is happening, you must sit quietly, communicate with your soul and ask what do I need to learn. All answers come from the soul.


For example, if you are a family who has lost a young child due to illness or accident, you ask “Why has this happened?” This was an innocent child who did nothing wrong. The soul of your child has agreed to live a short life in order for your family to experience loss and learn how to deal with it. When this occurs, some parents never recover. They are filled with guilt and blame themselves or their partners, which often results in divorce and a break-up of the family, which impacts other children in the family.


Rather than accepting that this is the lesson they chose for themselves, they look for anyone to blame. If not themselves or their partner, they blame the doctor or the person who caused their child harm.


If this is a lesson your soul has chosen, you may wonder “What have I done to have to live through such a difficult experience?” Perhaps in a past life you were not sympathetic to loss others experienced, thinking this would never happen to you or did not impact you. For every lesson, we need to experience both side. In all soul lessons, we need to experience both sides of the street to gain a full understanding.


The lesson loss teaches us is that we have the inner strength to cope. That loss is not due to your failure or the failure of others, but was part of a pre-determined plan meant for your soul’s growth. It teaches us acceptance of God’s plan. It allows us to learn from our loss and be supportive and understanding of other people’s losses. Remember we teach best what we learnt from our own experiences. So ask yourself “How your loss can help others?”  


Whatever your life lesson, the answers lie within your soul so that is where you should look. You can access answers through meditation or by consulting me or others, who can read your soul. If you have difficulty finding answers or understanding your experiences, please feel free to contact me. I am available for personal, telephone or readings over Skype, relationship coaching at any time by clicking on www.sharoncheney.com or calling me at 505 474-6363 or 514 312-2451.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney   

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