May 2018 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,

I have spoken about the great consciousness transformation we are going through in past newsletters and I wanted to give you an update of what’s happening. Most people expected that in December 2012, we would shift into a fourth and fifth density consciousness. This did not occur because humanity was not ready.


Now it is expected that this will occur between 2018 and 2024. According to Corey Goode, who has insider information, this may not take place until 2028 or 2029 because of the fluctuation of solar minimum and maximum. But change is still occurring as we continue to

experience smaller solar flashes that are transformative.


A Consciousness Shift Update


Many people are talking about the Event, also known as the Solar Flash or Solar Sneeze. While most people know that our sun gives off solar flares regularly, what the solar flash is referring to is a full spectrum coronal mass ejection. This solar flash will transform our planet and our lives and usher in a new fourth and fifth dimensional consciousness. The solar flash will occur quickly but the shift in consciousness will not be instant. It will be progressive as we learn through discovering new truths and experience.  


While we wait for this big event to occur, other things are happening. Our solar system had about 100 blue spheres throughout it that served to reduce the effect of the sun’s emissions. These spheres were put into place by a sixth dimensional guardian race. These spheres have now been removed to allow us to experience more of the sun’s transformative effects. A new guardian race has been put in place who will help us through the next phase of our evolution.


Instead of the spheres, we now have a barrier around our solar system that is protecting us from artificial intelligence or AI, which acts like a virus that comes from outside our solar system and from negative ET’s. Once the solar flash occurs, AI will not be able to survive here and neither will any negative E.T.’s, many of which are already living on this planet. Invading AI must be distinguished from the new AI technology that is powering many of our devices.


When this solar flash occurs, there may be volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and extreme weather, which may cause some loss of life in specific areas. Just prior to the solar flash, the aurora borealis will be visible much further south than where it appears today. It is predicted that there may be about 18 -24 hours of darkness while this event occurs.  We will lose our technology but it will quickly be replaced with new technology that will better serve us. After this event, we will have access to free energy and new medical advances that are already available but not shared with us currently.


I share this information with you not to create fear but to help you understand that to evolve we must experience change, which can be traumatic. Although no one welcomes trauma but we must go through trauma to arrive at a new understanding that will allow us to see everything from a new perspective in which we are all one and can work together to make life better for everyone.


Our genetics have been tampered with by 22 ET races that have visited our planet over hundreds of thousands of years. With this consciousness shift, our genetics will no longer be manipulated by them and we will now have the ability to alter our own genetics. In addition, fourth density activation rearranges our physical molecules and changes our DNA.


Another positive thing that will occur is that Earth will be a member of a new federation composed of other humans living on the 52 star systems in our corner of the galaxy. Think of them as our cosmic cousins. These cousins look very much like us and will assist in our transition as they have been through the same consciousness shift that we will soon experience.  


There have been humans called the Anshar, living inside the Earth for millions of years. They are us from a future time and are currently communicating with some people telepathically. After the solar flash, they will walk amongst us on the surface.


You may be wondering what we can do while we wait. We must use our co-creative power to create the reality we wish to experience - the positive future we desire rather than waiting around for someone to rescue us.


Unfortunately, this planet has been controlled by negative humans and ET’s who do not wish us to evolve but to remain in fear. We each have a choice to remain fearful or stand in our own power and realize that we are powerful beings who can create the reality we want.


Currently, we see a polarization on this planet into those on a positive loving path, where they believe we are all one and interconnected and those who continue to hold a “them and me” mentality.  Once the earth transitions, there will be no place for those holding the latter beliefs.


While we wait for this solar flash, our intuitive abilities and sensitivities are continuing to grow. I know I have personally felt a tremendous shift within myself over the past few years. I suggest you look through your life over the past few years to notice if you have experienced any of these changes within yourself.


Collectively we see the rise of the “Me Too” movement and exposure of those who have not been respectful or have abused others. There is more global awareness of epidemics, wars and catastrophes due to instant access through the internet, which is making us more of a global community and raising awareness of the plight of others and providing opportunities for those who want to help and get involved.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney.



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