May 2016 Knowledge Newsletter


Dear Friends,


We are experiencing change is at an ever faster rate as we move forward in consciousness. I am sure you have noticed how time is speeding up and the days and months just fly by. Higher energy on the planet is causing this to happen. We can anticipate that this will continue for some time until a new consciousness is fully anchored on the planet.


The New Normal


Because we are going through a period of tremendous change, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is happening as there is little to compare our new experiences with. Basically we are being asked to accept that whatever we are experiencing IS the new normal.


As part of this shift, we can anticipate is that anything that conflicts with resonating love   will show up in our lives to be healed and transmuted. If you watch the news, you have probably noticed that this is occurring not only in our personal lives, but globally. This often takes the form of exposure of crimes against humanity, financial greed and political and corporate wrong doing.


While it may seem that the exposure of such crimes creates havoc and mistrust of those in power, we must realize they are a necessary part of our ascension journey. Instead of feeling victimized, we should be grateful these situations are being exposed publically. Exposure brings corruption into our awareness so we can see situations for what they are and allow us to make new choices. It is unrealistic to expect to birth a new consciousness without going through birthing pains and being willing to look at what we have denied.


Any difficulties we experience are to teach us that we are powerful beings who have the capacity to deal with what life dishes out rather than believing we are victims of circumstances. The ascension process is understanding who we are which are loving powerful beings. When we refuse to accept ourselves for who we are, it impedes our progress. Each time something we have denied is brought to the light, it allows us to ascend more quickly. Imagine trying to climb a mountain with a heavy pack on your back. Every item removed from the back pack makes your journey upward easier.

As part of this transformation, our bodies are integrating higher frequency energy which is affecting every atom of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies   transforming them from carbon-based into silicon based light bodies.  This will relieve our bodies of pain and stress and bring better health. In addition, it will cause our chakras or energy centers to open, allowing more energy into our bodies. This additional energy will give us access to higher dimensional information and communication with spirit beings. 
It has been discovered that our DNA responds to our emotions and positive loving thoughts, so the more loving and happy we are, the healthier we will be.  So be sure to treat your body with the respect and love it deserves.


To speed up the ascension process, it is wise to meditate daily, communicate with your spirit guides and journal about your feelings and experiences. Being in touch with your feelings rather than living in your mind, allows you to create balance in your life. Failing to be in touch with your feelings is like using only half your God given resources. In addition, the body is the only tool where you can access intuitive knowing.


Pay attention to any conflicts that arise and notice if you are taking responsibility for the part you played or if you tend to just blame others for whatever occurred. In any conflict,   each person is 50% responsible regardless of who started it or what was said or done. To understand the reason for the conflict, you must look at your expectations to determine if they are realistic or remain unfulfilled. Did you ask for what you wanted clearly rather than just expecting it? Consider what you are willing to do differently in order to have a new outcome. Doing this allows you to take charge of the situation and bring about change.


Few people move through this transformational process easily. The vast majority experience some of the symptoms as described in my past two newsletters. Best thing to do is accept rather than resist or deny what is happening. Whatever is showing up is there for you to look at within yourself as there is something in your beliefs or your past that needs addressing. Remember all relationships are mirrors for our learning. Whatever qualities you like or dislike in others, look for those within yourself..


Some helpful hints to make your ascension journey as easy as possible are to love and accept yourself completely as you are because doing so make it easier to love and accept others wherever they are on their path. Remember people are not in your life to fulfill your needs but for you to learn to love and accept them as they are.


Find things that make you enjoy such as creative activities and things you want to do but never have time for. Stop judging and forgive yourself and others. Accept yourself and others for who you are. You can still make improvements but you need to accept yourself as you are right now.  


Don’t create dramas and don’t participate in other people’s drams. Give yourself permission to step away from negative unsupportive people. Surround yourself with loving supportive people of like mind rather than those who put you down.


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May your life be filled with peace, love and abundance and may your life be showered with blessing throughout the year.


Sharon Cheney




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