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Sharon Cheney teaches personal classes in both Canada and the United States. If you would like Sharon to teach a class in your area, please click on Contact Sharon and the class of your choice is not being offered, please let her know which classes you are interested in. All classes are available through webcam technology in any location providing you gather a minimum of 6 or more people. In addition, Sharon has 13 online classes that can be purchased at any time. To see what classes are available, click on Online Classes.


Sharon sends out emails letting people know when she will be in their area if they wish to schedule a personal appointment or sign up for a class.





Colorado Springs 

This class will be held at the Celebration Store located at 2209 West Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. To register, please go to Contact Sharon or call 505-474-6363. It is best to register early as space is limited. 



Classes will be held at the Colorado Free University located at 7653 East 1st. Place, Denver, CO, 80230. To register, please call 303-399-0039 to see what classes are being offered.


New Mexico - Santa Fe 
Classes will be held in Santa Fe. Pre-registration is required and will close the day before the class is offered. Register early as space is limited. To register, please click on the link Contact Sharon.




Quebec - Montreal   

Discover Your Psychic Abilities    Sunday, May 29, 2016   2- 4:30 pm   $40 

With the shift to higher consciousness, many people's psychic abilities are opeing. Come and discover your own psychic abilities. You will have an opportunity to see auras and spirit guides, feel the aural; earn how to do psychic readings, practice telepathy and other psychic gifts. You will learn about the many different kinds of psychic abilities and how receiving intuitive message can be helpful as a source of guidance, inspiration and problem solving. Don't miss out on this fun class!


Registration: Pre-registration is required and will close by May 28, 2016. Register   early as space is limited. To register, call Sharon at 514 312-2451 or contact her at www.sharoncheney.com. All classes will be held in St. Laurent.  The address will be provided upon registration. 


Online classes are available at any time. Please consult Sharon’s website to see what classes are available. Webcam and home personal classes are available upon request providing you gather a minimum of 6 people. 


Upcoming Fairs


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