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Personal Growth classes

Guidelines To Great Relationships
Ever wonder why to you are attracted to some people and not to others? This class will consider possible reasons such as family patterns and expectations, physical attraction, self-fulfilling prophesies, fantasies, and past life connections. Understanding your family patterns and personal preferences can lead to more fulfilling relationships. Guidelines to improve your relationships will be included. Sharing of personal experiences is encouraged for maximum learning.

Communicating Effectively
Are you new to the dating scene or feel unsure of yourself? Do you feel as if no one is listening to you? Do you have problems expressing your true feelings or have difficulty saying what you truly feel in public, work or social situations? Does your fear of not being liked and accepted get in the way of speaking your truth? Do you get angry when you only think of the right thing to say once the opportunity has passed?

If any of these situations apply to you, this is the class for you. Learn why you have these difficulties and how you can overcome them. Discover new ways to say what you want to say without compromising your integrity. Communicating effectively is an art that all can learn. Suggestions will be given to improve your communication skills. Sharing of personal situations is encouraged for maximum learning.

Emotions That Motivate Us
During this class, you will learn many ways in which your feelings of anger, fear, sadness, shame, guilt, love, and trust impact the way you feel about yourself, how you respond to others, and the choices you make. Discover how your emotions have limited you from reaching your goals and feeling empowered. Learning how to respond differently to stressful situations and difficult people will make you feel more empowered and joyful.

Exploring Your Body Image
How you feel about your body is important as it determines how you see yourself, your level of self confidence, and ultimately how others perceive you. During this class, you will examine your feelings about your body, recognize how often you blame it for your failures in relationships, learn where you hold your emotions in your body and how this affects your health. Discover what you can do to change your attitude to your body and become more self confident.

Listening To Our Bodies
The state of our health is directly connected to our thoughts and feelings. Discover where you are holding stress in your body and how to listen to your body to avoid potential health problems. This class will demonstrate how certain thoughts impact specific areas in our bodies. Being conscious of our stressful thoughts allows us the opportunity to change them and ultimately improve our health. The class includes a meditation to clear any negativity from the body and realize a sense of well being.

Games People Play
Everyone has personal agendas and these are expressed in the games they play. Learn to recognize and understand the games that controllers, victims, rescuers, do-gooders, attention seekers, etc. play, the reason for their games, and how you can avoid being caught up in them.

Manifesting Your Desires
Ever wonder why you don't manifest what you want in life? Discover what is standing in your way to realizing your heart's desires. This class will focus on realizing the blocks we create for ourselves and how we can overcome these blocks through creating clear goals, being open to receiving, and loving ourselves more.

Anger Management
This class will focus on who and what triggers our anger. Participants will examine their lives to discover the roots of their anger and how these are still affecting them today. They will learn effective strategies to deal with their anger. Sharing of personal situations is encouraged for maximum learning.

Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques
During this class, students will discover what causes them to feel stressed and realize that they have the power to overcome that stress. The class will focus on understanding the connection between our perception of a stressful situation and how we choose to react to it. Participants will learn simple, easy techniques that will teach them new and effective ways to overcome and deal with stressful situations and difficult people. A meditation to relieve stress is included.

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