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Healing Classes

Introduction to Healing Techniques
This class will teach you how to be a channel for healing energy for yourself, others, and animals. You will learn how energy healing works, its benefits, the structure of the body's energy field and chakra system, how to work with healer guides, and other important facts to know when working with energy. Each participant will give and receive an energy healing session during the class.

Healing Techniques - Part 2
This class is a continuation of the Introduction To Healing Techniques Class. Students will learn the chelation healing energy technique which clears the body of any negative energy and restores harmony and balance. Each person will give and receive a healing session. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Become a Medical Intuitive
Become a medical intuitive and learn how to diagnosis energy imbalances and illness in the body and its energy field. Students will learn about the body's aura and chakra system, how to use their intuitive abilities to see, feel and scan a person's aura, as well as treatment suggestions to remedy any imbalances.

Advanced Healing Techniques Workshop
These classes provide a more in depth understanding of energy healing and assessment. Classes include how to assess the health of a person using pendulums and kinesiology, healing techniques using sound, color, and crystals, as well as provide treatment suggestions. This course will require a minimum of 16 hours of instruction. Each participant will give and receive several healing sessions during the course of the workshop. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Complete Body Alignment
The complete body alignment is a healing technique that helps people to clear physical, mental and emotional blockages stemming from traumas, early childhood events, or past lives. Each participant will be taught the techniques and will experience giving and receiving this healing energy which will completely align their bodies. This class takes approximately 4 1/2 hours and students are advised to wear loose comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and small bench to class.

Learn what is hypnotherapy is, how it works, who can be hypnotized, and the many ways in which it can be beneficial. Hypnotherapy is an effective way to access information and events which is beyond our conscious awareness. People can re-experience past lives, re-live early childhood events, connect with their spirit guides, access abilities and traits they didn't know they possessed, make difficult decisions, discover the cause of irrational fears, addictive or destructive behaviours, learn about their soul purpose and karma, and look into future lives.


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