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Business Seminar Descriptions

Business Seminars are in-services that are designed to meet the needs of the company and their employees. The purpose of these seminars is to help employees and management learn better ways to communicate which will ultimately improve productivity. This goal can be accomplished through improved communication, adapting new learning styles, and developing alternative approaches.

Research has shown that employees are more productive when working in pleasant working conditions where they feel heard and appreciated. Business seminars are now available on the topics listed below. If there are other topics you would like to see offerred, please click on Contact Sharon to make arrangements. All seminars can be tailored to meet the needs of the company.

To have any of the Business Seminars below offered at your place of work, please contact Sharon. Fees for seminars can be paid either on an hourly basis or on a per person basis.

Games People Play
It is often difficult to understand what motivates others to behave the way they do. Discover the different games people play, why they play them, and how you can respond to them in an appropriate way without your integrity, loosing face or compromising yourself.

Effective Communication
Learn how you can say what you want to say without risk and empower yourself in the process. Each person will examine their personal communication style, its effectiveness and learn new approaches to express themselves effectively.

De-Stress Your Life Now!
Learn how your thoughts and feelings impact your health and affect your interactions with others. Learn to listen to your body and identify where you are holding your stress and what you can do to improve the situation. This workshop will include a relaxation exercise.

Are You Sabotaging Yourself?
Do you waste time or never get the job done until the last moment? Keeping motivated is a problem and failures are often due to subconscious resistance. Each participant will become aware of ways that they sabotage themselves and how this serves their unconscious desires. They will learn new ways to overcome their behavior and subsequently improve their motivation. With this new found knowledge and conscious awareness, they will be able to effectively manage their time and get the job done.

Achieving Success
Ever wonder why you don't get what you want from life? Discover what is standing in your way to realizing your goals. This workshop will focus on identifying blocks to creating success, creating clear goals, and how to inplement them to ensure success.

Transforming Anger
This seminar focuses on understanding the underlying reasons for anger, how to release your anger in appropriate ways,and understand when anger can be effective in achieving your goals. Learning effective ways to express your feelings is very important to achieving success in the workplace.

Using Intuition in the Workplace
Knowing how to read your customers or associates minds or anticipate what they may do or say in the future would give you an enormous advantage and help you make the right choices or decisions. This can be accomplished by learning to recognize and correctly interpret non-verbal behaviour and by learning to trust in your own intuitive abilities.

Attracting Money
There is an abundance of everyhting all around us. There is really no shortage of money and it is only our belief systems that prevent us from having all the wealth we desire. Learn what is blocking you from receiving abundance in your life and how you can make yourself a magnet to attract all the abundance you want and need.

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