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Online Classes allow you to learn in the convenience of your home at a time that best suits your schedule. Sharon Cheney's online classes include many classes on Spiritual Development, Personal Growth and Empowerment, and Healing Techniques. Taking these online classes will help you to expand your awareness, increase your knowledge, recognize and confirm your psychic abilities, open a line of communication with your spirit guides and angels, and help you find answers to your personal questions and concerns. Sharon Cheney presently has many online classes to choose from and new classes are being added all the time.

All online classes are both IBM and Apple compatible. Large files will be sent through Hightail.com. You have 1 week to download the classes and save them on your computer where you can keep them permanently. So there is no time limit by which you need to complete them. 

Since these online classes are for your personal enrichment, there are no exams to take. You may choose to listen to the meditations, answer the questionnaires, and do the exercises that are included as you please. Naturally the more time you invest, the more you will learn.

Meditation exercises are included in many of the online classes. These meditations are on voice files so you can listen to the meditation just by clicking on a button. For those without speakers on their computer, I have written out the meditations so that you can record them onto a cassette. Many online classes offer more information than personal classes because of time constraints of classroom presentation limit the amount of information that can be presented.

When you have completed a class, Sharon welcomes your feedback. Please feel free to contact her at sharoncheney@gmail.com.

Online Classes Available

Meeting Your Spirit Guides and Angels
Learn about the role spirit guides and angels play, who they are, how you can communicate with them, and how they can help you. Learning to communicate with your personal angels and guides will help you confirm your intuitive abilities and provide answers to your personal concerns. Class will include how to interpret the messages you receive. Discover the many ways communication can take place through sharing of personal experiences.

Angels Amongst Us
Ever wonder who your Guardian Angels are, how you can contact them, and how they can help you? During class you will discover who your angels are, how they can help you, and how you can communicate with them, but also to discover how your angels can work as happiness trainers, prosperity brokers, cupids, healers, miracle workers, and much more. A meditation exercise to experience personal contact and communication with your guardian angels will be offered as part of the class.

Discover Your Psychic Abilities
Participants will have an opportunity to see auras and spirit guides, give psychic readings, practice clairsentience, telepathy and other psychic gifts. They will learn about the many different psychic abilities, and how receiving intuitive messages can be helpful as a source of guidance, inspiration, and problem solving.

Have I Known You Before?
Learn to understand the connections that we feel towards others, places or things. Reincarnation or soul growth will include why we return, our soul purpose for being here, how and why our past lives still influence our present life and much more. A meditation exercise will help class participants discover if they have known the people in their present lives before and in what context.

Life on the Other Side
Examine your beliefs about dying and find out what occurs at death and beyond. Discover what heaven can look like. Learn about near death experiences, their after affects and how to communicate with departed ones.

Interpreting Your Dreams
Dreams provide us with valuable information about ourselves, including our physical and emotional health, our life direction, and solutions to our problems. Learn new approaches to dream interpretation, how to interpret personal dream images, and the meaning of nightmares, pre-cognitive, recurrent, and departed ones dreams. 

Introduction to Healing Techniques
Learn to be a channel of universal energy for healing yourself, animals and others. Discover the structure of the body's energy field, how to work with healing guides, the benefits of energy healing and learn the do's and don'ts. Each person will give and receive a healing during the class. 

Become A Medical Intuitive
Become a medical intuitive and learn how to diagnosis energy imbalances and illness in the body. Learn how to see, feel and scan a person's aura and suggest how they can remedy the imbalance.

Finding Your Life Purpose
In this time of change and awakening of consciousness, it is important to know we are all here for a reason. We come to fulfill our life purpose and master our soul lessons. Learn the many ways you can discover and accomplish your life purpose and soul lessons through examining your relationships, the roles you play and the choices you make.

Animal Communication and Healing
In this informative workshop, well known animal communicator and psychic medium, you will learn how to communicate with your pets and how to read their energy field to determine their state of health. Students will learn the many ways that animals can communicate with us.

2012 and the Shift to Higher Consciousness
December 2012 will bring a shift into a higher dimension. Much of what we will personally experience now until that time will depend on our beliefs, our willingness to let go of the past, and our ability to trust and go with the flow. Come discover what December 2012 will bring and what you will personally experience as we move into fifth dimensional consciousness. 

December 2012 will bring a shift into a higher dimension. Much of what we will personally experience now until that time will depend on our beliefs, our willingness to let go of the past, and our ability to trust and go with the flow. Come discover what December 2012 will bring and what you will personally experience as we move into fifth dimensional consciousness.

Personal Growth Classes  

Communicating Effectively
Are you new to the dating scene and feel unsure of yourself? Do you feel as if no one is listening to you? Do you have problems expressing your true feelings or have difficulty saying what you want to say in public, work or social situations? Does your fear of not being liked and accepted get in the way of speaking your truth? Do you get angry when you only think of the right thing to say once the opportunity has passed?  
If any of these situations apply to you, this is the class for you! Learn why you have these difficulties and how you can overcome them. Discover new ways to say what you want to say without compromising your integrity.Communicating effectively is an art that all can learn. Suggestions will be given to improve your communication skills. Sharing of personal situations is encouraged for maximum learning.

Listening To Our Bodies
Learn how your thoughts and feelings affect your health and where you hold stress in your body. The symbolic function of body structures and organs will be covered, as well as the associated emotional beliefs that cause dis-ease in the body. The class will include a meditation to cleanse the body of any negativity with the intent to restore maximum health.

Games People Play
Everyone has their own personal approach to life and this is expressed in the roles and games they play when interacting with others. Learn to recognize and understand the games that controllers, victims, rescuers, do-gooders, attention seekers, etc. play, the reason for their games, why you attract these kinds of people into your lives and how you can avoid getting caught up in their games.

Manifesting Your Desires
Ever wonder why you don't get what you want from life? This class will demonstrate how the Law of Attraction really works in our lives. Through self- examination, you will be able to see the reflection of any negative thinking, self-defeating beliefs, unrealistic expectations, and lack of trust. This class will focus on recognizing the blocks we create for ourselves that prevent us from realizing our dreams and how we can overcome these obstacles through increased awareness. Learn how to manifest your desires today.

The Road to Self Love
The benefits of self empowerment include being in integrity with yourself, loving and accepting yourself completely, letting go of toxic and co-dependent relationships, speaking your truth, setting boundaries, manifesting your heart's desires, being open to receiving, trusting enough to be vulnerable, and more.This transformational class will allow you to see life through new eyes. Workshop will include exercises and discussion.








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