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Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

Medical Intuition is the ability to read a person's energy field or aura to predict disease or illness before it manifests in the physical body. Medical Intuition can act as a preventive measure by bringing this knowledge into your awareness before disease or illness actually manifests.

Medical intuition not only foresees future medical problems, but can provide you with treatment suggestions and health predictions, if illness or disease has already manifested. All that is required for medical intuition is the name of the person.

Medically intuition is possible because the body is surrounded and infused with an electro-magnetic energy field commonly known as the aura. During Medical Intuition, Sharon scans your physical body and energy field to determine if your energy is out of balance. Often future illnesses or diseases will show up as imbalances in your aura.

Medical intuitionis based on the belief that our thoughts and feelings influence our state of health. Thinking positively can make us feel better and improve our state of mind and health. Worrying, being fearful and feeling stressed, depletes our energy, creates toxins in the body and can, over time make us physically ill.

Some people have difficulty to understand how Medical Intuition works because they cannot see or sense energy, but Sharon is a very gifted Medical Intuitive and can easily read your energy field from any distance. she even teaches classes on how you can learn to see and feel energy yourself. for more information on her classs, please scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Long Distance Medical Intuition

Medical Intuition is available in person or by phone. There is no difference in the quality, content, or accuracy of Medical Intuition done by phone. This is possible because the ability to read energy is not limited by distance or location.

Medical Intuition is available separately, as part of a psychic reading or in combination with an Energy Healing session. Medical Intuition, Psychic Readings, and Energy Healing are available in person or over the phone. If you are making an appointment by email, please indicate what services you would like, where you are emailing from and include your telephone number as Sharon will call you for your session.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is the ability to channel healing energy for yourself, for others or even animals to improve in their state of health. Everyone can benefit from Energy Healing regardless of their health.

Receiving Energy Healing always leaves you feeling very relaxed. It can improve your state of health by reducing pain, relieving stress, clearing out emotional or mental blocks, and in achieving a sense of inner peace.

Energy Healing is even beneficial for those with chronic or terminal illnesses. The goal of Energy Healing in these cases is to either reduce pain and discomfort or assist a person to pass peacefully. It is not to cure the illness or prevent their passing in such cases.

Personal Energy Healing Sessions

During a personal Energy Healing session, a person lies down fully dressed and just needs to relax. Sharon will start the session by contacting her spiritual guidance and asking what needs to be healed today for the clients highest good. During Energy Healing, Sharon may be guided to use a variety of healing techniques such as color, sound, crystals, or even psychic surgery.

At the end of the Energy Healing session, the client normally feels very relaxed and is encouraged to rest for 10 to15 minutes. Following the Energy Healing session, Sharon will share any intuitive insights she has received and there will be an opportunity for the client to share their experiences as well.

Healing Energy remains in the body for up to a week or more following the session. Rest and drinking lots of water to flush out any toxins that have been released, is recommended after a energy healing session.

The best way for you to believe in the effectiveness of Energy Healing is to experience a session for yourself. Each session of Energy Healing is individually tailored to meet the needs of the client. All sessions are by appointment only.

Long Distance Energy Healing

Long distance Energy Healing is just as effective as personal Energy Healing sessions. The ability to read and heal your energy field is not limited by distance. Following a long distance Energy Healing session, Sharon will call the client to share any information she received while doing the energy healing and allow time for the client to share their experiences. For long distance Energy Healing sessions, you must provide the name and sex of the person to be healed.

Warning: While Sharon Cheney is an accurate Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, she is not a doctor and recommends that you contact your health practitioner for medical treatment and advice. While many people have benefited from Sharon's Energy Healing, she cannot offer guarantees of improvement because each person is responsible for creating their own state of health or disease. Illnesses and disease are caused by repetitive negative thoughts over which Sharon has no control. Energy Healing can help clear negative thought forms and imbalances from the body leaving you feeling relaxed and in a better health.

Gift Certificates for Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

Gift certificates are available for both Medical Intuition and Energy Healing sessions. Gift certificates can be purchased and used at any time. The recipient will receive a personalized gift certificate for their Medical Intuition and /or Energy Healing session by mail with your name on it.


Cost and Payment Choices for Medical intuition and Energy Healing

Medical Intuition costs $75.00 and Energy Healing session cost $75.00 per hour. Medical Intuition and Energy Healing sessions by phone require a pre-payment by check, money order, or online using PayPal. To pay for a Medical Intuition and/or Energy Healing session using PayPal, please send Sharon your email address so she can send you a PayPal request for funds. Please indicate where you are emailing from and include your telephone number. There is a small service fee charged by PayPal for using their service.

If you want Medical Intuition and /or Energy Healing and do not have a PayPal account, PayPal provides easy instructions on how to set one up. To set up an account with PayPal, please go to www.paypal.com. The advantage of paying with PayPal is that you can have your Medical Intuition and/or Energy Healing session done right away if Sharon is available. Naturally you can use your PayPal account for other purchases on the Internet.

Want to learn how to develop your own medical intutive and healing skills?

Sharon Cheney has had extensive training in Medical Intuition and Energy Healing. She offers online classes on Medical Intuition and Healing Techniques. To learn more about on how you can learn to be a Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer, please click on the Online Classes page and then go to the "Become a Medical Intuitive" and "Introduction to Healing Techniques' classes.

Cost and Payment for Online Classes

The Medical Intuition and Energy Healing classes cost $35.00 each and you can pay by check, money order, or online using PayPal. Purchase three or more classes at one time and receive a 10% discount. Payment for online classes using PayPal requires that you send Sharon your email address so she can send you a PayPal request for funds. Please indicate where you are emailing from and your telephone number.

Personal Classes on Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

Sharon Cheney has been teaching personal classes on Medical Intuition and Energy Healing for over 15 years in community colleges in Canada and the United States. She teaches both beginner and advanced classes on healing. These classes can help you recognize and develop your own intuitive and healing abilities and communicate with your healer guides and angels.

For descriptions of these classes on medical intuition and a variety of healing techniques, please click on the Healing Classes page and choose the class of your choice. To learn where these classes are being offerred and about Sharon Cheney s teaching schedule, please click on the Up Coming Classes/Fairs page. If the class of your choice is not being offered in your area, arrangements can be made for Sharon to travel to your area to teach classes of your choice.



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