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Bronze Sculptures

Sharon Cheney's bronze sculptures reflect her belief about the inner developmental process that each person experiences during their lifetime. Her own personal growth experiences in combination with her belief in Jungian psychology, is reflected in her sculptures, many of which demonstrate the various aspects of the male and female that lives within each and every one of us. The feminine principle is exemplified in her works "The Temptress", the "Fertility Goddess", the "Black Madonna", "Market Woman", and "Mother and Child". The male principle is reflected in "Triumphant Pull", the "Rabbi", and "Spirit Man". The Marriage of the male and female principle is best demonstrated in her work the "Sacred Marriage".

Sharon Cheney's original Bronze Sculptures are reproduced in very small limited editions. Each one is mounted on either a plexiglass or marble base unless it is free standing. Many of these pieces reflect inner aspects of a person's nature or being. See if you can find yourself in one of these pieces.

Please Note: Items marked in stock can be shipped immediately. Shipping and handling costs will vary depending on the size of the sculpture and its destination. shipping and Handling costs will be paid bu the buyer.Sculptures marked not in stock will need to be cast and therefore only an approximate date of delivery can be given as it depends on the production schedules of the foundry. If a sculpture needs to be cast, half the cost of the purchase price will need to be paid before casting can begin. The remaining half, plus shipping and handling will be due on delivery. There will be no refunds for sculptures that have been specially ordered.

Included with the sculptures below, are Sharon Cheney's personal comments about what each of the pieces meant for her.

Each sculpture is a signed, original production. The reproduction rights to these sculptures and designs are the exclusive property of Sharon Cheney, and these sculptures may not be reproduced in any manner or form or by any means without her written permission.

Payment Arrangements

All prices are in U.S. dollars. If you would like your sculptured insured during shipping, that will be an additional cost. Sharon Cheney cannot be held responsible for damages or losses incurred during the shipping process. Any additional fees incurred for shipping outside of the United States or brokerage fees will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Colors may not be true representation due to photographic limitations.

Bas Relief
Base: Self standing bronze base.
Size (10"h x 12"w x "d) Editions 6  In stock $1500.00



Black Madonna
Base: Travertine Marble  Size (32"h x 8"w x 7"d)
Editions 9    In stock $ 8500.00



Children Playing
Base: Travertine Marble    Size (7"h x 8"w x 7"d)
Editions 9  In stock   $ 2200.00






Base: Travertine Marble Size (8" h x 4"w x 4"d)
Editions 6 In stock  $ 2500.00


Couple Dancing
Base: Black plexiglass Size (31/2" h x 1 3/4" w x 1 3/4" d)
Editions 1/1 Sold


Feeling the Wind
Base: Travertine Marble Size (10"h x 5"w x 7"d)
Editions 6 Not in stock. 
$ 2500.00


Fertility Goddess
Base: Black Plexiglass  Size (22"h x 6"w x 7"d)
Editions 8  In stock  $ 4500.00









In Sorrow
Base: Travertine Marble  Size (5"h x 7"w x 5"d)
Editions 8 In stock $2000.00






Lighting the Candles
Base: Black plexiglass Size (14"h x 9"w x 9"d)
Editions 9  In Stock  $ 4500.00


Market Woman
Base: Black Marble Size (18"h x 6"w x 7"d)
Editions 8  In stock  $ 3700.00



Base: Black plexiglass Size (5"h x10"w x 4"d)
Editions 1/1 In stock $ 1200.00

Mother and Child
Base: Black marble Size (10"h x 7"w x 3"d)
Editions 5  In stock $ 2500.00




Base: Travertine Marble Size (12"h x 6"w x 7"d)
Editions 9  In stock  $ 2500.00


Reclining To Think

Base: Travertine marble Size (3"h x 7"w x 41/2"d)
Editions 8  In stock









Base: Black plexiglass Size (5" h x 2" w x 3"d)
Editions 1/1  In stock  $ 500.00


Sacred Marriage
Bronze Free standing Size (25"h x13"w x7"d)
Editions 9  In stock  $ 9500.00


Sensuous Dreamer 
Base: Rotating charcoal gray plexiglass Size (11"h x 13"w x 9"d)
Editions 9 In stock $ 4500.00


Spirit Man
Base: Travertine Marble Size(10"h x 4"w x 3"d)
Editions 6 In stock $ 2000.00




Base: Clear Plexiglass and white marble
Size(11"h x 5"w x 2"d) Editions 6 In stock $ 2000.00






Base: 3 clear connecting plexi glass bases
Size: Left (5" L x 2 1/2" d x 2" h)
Center (2 1/2" h x 3" L x 1 1/2"d)
Right (4" l x 2 1/2" h x 1 1/2" d)
Editions 1/1  In stock $


Triumphant Pull
Base: Travertine Marble Size (15"h x 9"w x 12"d)
Editions 8 In stock $ 3000.00



Up and Down
Base: Clear Plexi Glass
Size of lying figure: (4  "h x 2  "w x 1  "d)
Size of sitting figure(3  "h x 1  " w x 1 � "d)
Editions: 1/1 In stock  $900.00







Wise Sophia 
Base: Travertine Marble Size (11"h x 9"w x 6�"d)
Editions 8  In stock $ 2500.00



































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